An Updated FAQ


So it hit my a while ago that it might be a good idea to put the answers to specific questions somewhere nice and visible on the forums.
Mainly questions about certain topics that we forum regulars may know the answers to, but seem to get asked a lot anyway.

Might be good to have a place with all the answers in one place so that everyone has the information handy rather than having to dig through months or even years of forum posts/Twitter comments to try and cite our sources, or try and find something that was lost in the transition to the new forums.

Could be ancient history like Retro Thunder or M rated content, or something as recent as the release of Ultimates. Just think it’d be cool to have a nice, abridged collection of information about certain recurring topics. Whatcha think, guys?

Not sure who exactly among the @developers squad to ping, but you guys seem to pretty qualified.
@rukizzel @TempusChaoti @BlitzedKraig


I would like to see a updated FAQ with some glitches to report as well and ask them about future plans for the game.


Someone should totally make one using the responses we have given. We would gladly pin it.


I might have to get on that then :open_mouth:


Okay after reading a few threads lately that someone (maybe me) really need to get on to making this a thing.