An update on Ranked Killer Leaderboards for December 2022/January 2023

Hi all! This is Livvy, Community Director at Xbox Publishing, cross-posting the update on Ranked Killer Leaderboards. On behalf of James and the entire KI team, thanks so much for your patience as we work through the current issues. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread and James and I will get to them.


Just venting for a moment, I just got my Killer rank back in January, only to lose it again and have to go through this grind all over again. I feel like the lose rank system in place should be removed at this point in the game’s life cycle. I am beyond frustrated.

Thank you at least for being transparent in the process. Is this also intended to prevent the hacking of the leaderboards by the same parties that knocked ranked offline over the summer? As well as prevent ranked from going offline?

Also, maybe a long shot of a question. Is there any possibility of a once in an after-lifetime rebalance patch? Just to change things up slightly?


I hear ya. I just got back to Killer as well. I was blessed to not encounter any real competition until my rank up match. Didn’t lose a single match, but the grind was real.

I agree, I think once you’re a killer you should stay a killer unless you choose to de rank yourself…

Also a rebalance would be amazing, or at the very least nerf the characters that are far outpacing everyone else.