An option in character select to always have the same character as your oponent

An auto Mirror match option on the character select, for arcade, online, and survival…ect

I don’t think this would work out well online. I mean, it’s kinda like an automatic counter pick, since it guarantees you to have an at least even matchup. It’s not possible to have a mirror match that isn’t 50/50, so while it would be an interesting test of skill for both players, it’s probably best kept as something you organize with a friend.


Yes, its even. But unless your better with “x” character (which isn’t guaranteed) it isn’t that good of a counter. It can be equally suicidal as it is “tactical”

but what if both players select the option? what happens then?

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“Dude, I gonna pick the character you picked.”
“But bro, I’m picking the character that you picked.”


Random mirror match