An "Offline" Question

Good day everyone,

So, I have limited access to the internet, meaning once every 2 months or so; if lucky (living in the middle of nowhere isn’t that bad). I previously bought the seasons for the game, and some other characters; only to find out that I can only use Jago when I’m not connected to the internet. Is there anyway to get pass this and use my purchased characters?

If someone were to have the answer for you, It would likely be @rukizzel or any of the other @developers . You can try reaching out to them for help.

Thanks for the response. No idea on how to reach them, but I shall try!

try a Private message. I have also already tagged them in this post, which hopefully will get their attention.

You might could try downloading the individual characters at the Xbox Store. If you’ve already paid for a package like any of the Combo Breaker, Ultra Season collections or the Definitive Edition, then when you go to the individual characters on the Xbox Store, they should have the word “install” where the price usually is, so just click that. Each one is about 10 Mb so it shouldn’t take but a moment.

That should cause them to work in an offline mode. Works for me anyway.

I forgot to mention that I was on PC, does that method still apply?

I can’t confirm that, but there’s no harm in at least trying it. Just be careful you don’t accidentally pay for a character twice, but if you are logged in to your gamertag on the Xbox Marketplace, whether PC or Xbox One, the characters SHOULD appear with the word “install” next to them, so long as you own the character bundle they belong. Keyword should.

At the least downloading the individual characters like that can’t hurt. I would do it, then test it in an offline session to see if it worked, and if it didn’t, at least that method has been tested.

No luck on that part, in the the Store, It doesn’t show individual characters and Season packs. Those only appear in-game.

Did you make sure all the game files were loaded? Go to the KI app, manage game, and make sure every character , skin, ultimate, ect…is loaded.

Otherwise your best option is to by the Definitive disc and just play offline with the disc.

Sorry for the late late response, I’m just now getting internet back. I also play on PC; no disc unfortunately.