An observation about Hisako's graphics

I noticed this a long time ago and I wondered if I’m the only one who sees it.

Hisako becomes a mirror image when she jumps over an opponent.

This doesn’t happen with any other character as far as I’ve noticed. Jago’s tattoo is always on his left shoulder no matter which way he’s facing. Orchid’s metal knee plate is always on her right knee, if I remember correctly.
If Hisako’s is facing right, her right hand has the claw trinket, her left carries the spear and the split in her kimono is over her left leg.
Jump over the opponent and suddenly her spear is in her right hand, claw is always closer to the camera, kimono split is always further away from the camera.

I know this is very minor, but what is this all about? Was it hasty development? Was it justified because she’s a ghost? Did the Devs even notice? Are we not supposed to notice? Why doesn’t she have a left-facing?

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It happens with Aganos as well if Im not mistaken. His feet or hands mirror image on side switch.


Spinals had this since S1. His sword and shield switch hands (understandable), but the ships wheel on his back changes sides as well. It’s so animations are easier to recognize for breaking

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This happens with any character who has a weapon. They mirror so that the hitbox stays the same on both sides.

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I hate you all, this is something I never noticed but I’m sure will glare at me now!

The only way I feel I can repay you is to inform you that your nose is always in your vision, now try not to look at it. You’re welcome.


Stop breathing manually.

When your face is normal do your teeth touch each other or does your jaw hang a little?


Evil, evil people on these boards.

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I could be wrong but I think it could have to do with her having that naginata thing being held by a specific arm. If you pick Slasher Jason in MKX (Yes, I know he’s garbage tier lol) he doessomething similar, he sometimes gets mirrored because the machete was designed to be in his right hand

You ■■■ lol now that is going to bother me all day or until I forget about it