An interesting idea for a new character's instinct

Just thought of this: how about have a character whose instinct ties the two players lifebars together? Meaning, while character X’s instinct is active any damage recieved is shared with the other player. So if Eyedol pops instinct & does a shadow clobber half of the damage would go right back to Eyedol.

“He’s possessed!”

“He’s insane!”

“He’s my kinda guy!”

Do you mean like just damage sharing, or reallocation of health totals?

Pretty much just damage sharing.

Oh wait like a life leech except in reverse?

Sounds like a bad idea. That will automatically put the opposing player into the run away game until the instinct runs out. The run away game is always a bad one.

I changed it.

That’s a cool idea. That could be expanded into the character’s combat trait, too. Something about regularly making the opponent hurt their self, even though the character’s base damage is really low. Maybe one move can be used to absorb damage. Then a different move can channel all absorbed damage into a combo ender. Another special could gain the special effect of the last special absorbed. Absorbing a move that recaptures would make the character’s next execution of this particular special move recapture.

That could be pretty sweet.


Kinda more like Shago’s instinct when the tether is attatched. There any shadow move performed would take half from Shago’s meter & half from the opponent. Pretty much that but with health.

Run away? You mean not ideal for rushdown characters, aka zoning? Idealy it isn’t too far removed an idea from Glacius’, Aganos’ or Gargos’ armor. The idea is to make you question if you should rush in all yolo on your opponent. Similar to Mira, if you go full-on rushdown, it would make you regret it. It would cause both players to reassess the risk/reward inherent in their attacks.

Nah, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

First of all, it could result in a lot more matches that end in double KOs. Secondly, nobody should be punished for successfully attacking their opponent. Thirdly, we already have someone who gives auto-damage (Raam) and probably don’t need another.

Actually I could see this turning into a bad thing for the player with the damage leeching (the one with the instinct). Since they would be killing themselves in the process that they could argue they think this instinct sucks and can’t be used at low health since it would end up killing them.

And probably other things they could think of.

Not really a fan of this sorry I’m going to have to say no but that’s just me

You don’t like Eyedol, right?

Surely they would put limitations on this. I mean Mira can’t end her own lifebar.[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:10, topic:13097”]
Secondly, nobody should be punished for successfully attacking their opponent.
Happens against Gargos with minions out. Land a successful hit & get stabbed in the back. Mira’s entire play is based around the concept too.

It wouldn’t be auto-damage. It wouldn’t happen unless anyone gets hit.

At the very least Gargos has the same problem. Stone skin at low health is usually a really bad move, especially against someone like Jago. But several characters have an “ideal time” to use their instinct. Take Combo. Sure you can pop instinct anytime, but most players hang onto his meter for final breath.

I’m not saying make a character where their entire gameplan revolves around waiting for them to pop instinct. Nobody in the game is built like that. & I really don’t think anyone would or should expect instinct to make or break a character, just give a temporary buff.

I like Eyedol just fine. Great addition to the game.

Possibly, I’m just not in favor of hurting myself and my enemy at the same time.

By run away game I mean it removes any incentive for either player to attack until the instinct has worn off. If both players receive damage if either player attacks, then why bother attacking? It isn’t worth the risk.

If it were implemented on a character such as @TheWeebSkeeb mentioned where it’s added to a low-damage character that could absorb other resources for a later payoff there would be a good incentive to go ahead and attack. However a heavy-hitter like Tusk, yeah, he probably wouldn’t want to attack then unless he figured it wouldn’t matter that much to lose some health.

The character would have to be specifically designed around this mechanic in order for it to be any kind of useful. If IG could make it work, then I would support it, but as of right now, I can’t think of a way that this would be useful for any character.

Right. IG are wizzards at making stuff like this work. I’m sure it would be an absymal addition to a traditional character. But give it to someone that isn’t so straightforward on attacking, it’d definitely be an interesting tool.

That’s NOT successfully attacking your opponent. You could say the same thing about Fulgore’s projectiles hitting you in the back, or anything like that really. A successful attack, at least in my mind, is 1 without reprisal, such as not being broken, blown out, or otherwise interrupted.

I attack you, you take damage. You attack me, we both take damage. Do you not see how broken that is? It’ll coerce people into not wanting to attack you, and not in a good way (like Hisako’s counters, Tusk’s deflects, or Aganos’ chunks) where you actually have to earn it. You’re right - it’s not auto-damage; it’s auto-kill/auto-win.

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