An idea for Shadow Lab

Bare with me here for a minute. When I don’t have a lot of time to play online, I usually just play Shadow Survival over and over, but as you know we can only have 2 shadows at a time. So my question is, would there be a way to allow us to do Shadow Survival with all of the characters? Not necessarily make shadows for all characters, just the ability to do Shadow Survival with them as a way of training/learning the characters since it seems better than fighting the regular AI (IMO)

The only issue I see would be is when a person gets a notification that their shadow was defeated, they wouldn’t be able to avenge the loss since their would be no shadow for them to challenge, but maybe they could make this a separate mode of sorts where their shadow doesn’t get a counted loss if it loses against a player who doesn’t have a shadow for this one character.

Or they could make it so we can have a shadow for every character, but I imagine there is a reason why we can’t do that already.

Does anyone understand what I am saying? In short I am asking if there could ever be a way for us to do Shadow Survival (or fight many shadows in an arcade style ladder) with any character we want instead of just two.

Possible? Not possible? What do you think?

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I understand and I hope they are workign toward this being in S3. I know they mentioned they were looking to possibly replace the AI with shadows one day. they have the same thoughts on this as we do.

I actually mentioned this in another thread last week I believe. Either give us more shadow slots or allow us to use all characters in in shadow mode.

Sometimes I want to use a new character against a Shadow instead of one of my 2. and I dont want to erase and make a new shadow. Currently the only way to do this is in TEST YOUR SHADOW…so it is possible.

Exactly. This is pretty much where this all stems from for me lol I just want to be able to fight all of these shadows with any character. It would be fantastic if they just introduced a “Shadow Ladder” mode or something, where we can just fight infinite shadows with any character we want. I would love that lol

All they would have to do is mimic the Test Shadow mode and instead of your shadow replace the opponent with a Shadow of your choosing. Same as Challenge a friends shadow but allow you to pick your character.
It basically there…just insert who you want to “test”

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Posting to indicate my approval of ideas along these lines.

We already know that Shadows is a technological marvel and the best feature of its kind in any video game, practically by default. IG needs to work to integrate it into the rest of the game now, in a wide range of ways. Ideas include Shadows-based AI difficulty levels in single player modes (I’d commission pro players to make Shadows for each character’s ultimate difficulty level, e.g. Ultimate (MyGod) for Wulf, Ultimate (Rebelo) for TJ, Ultimate (@BHswordsman09) for Cinder), Shadow trials (e.g. practice your anti-airs by fighting this shadow that likes to jump in a lot), etc.

I’ve actually had people tell me that they didn’t want to make a shadow for this exact reason. They didn’t want shadows because they didn’t want people trying to learn their strategies and tricks. Flash is an example of this.

Seems like a new face of a hangup that competitive players have had for a long time wrt tech sharing, match footage getting out there, etc. My impression is that players in other games have long since learnt that they’re far better off sharing and benefiting from the information exchange and feedback, gaining the experience from playing sets with a range of players, etc., since it makes them stronger players, and that this guardedness about sharing is the clear mark of a novice.

EDIT: not that I’m trying to use unflattering remarks to bully you into making a Shadow. You do you.