An idea for increase the stages

you could insert the ability to choose the time of day in the different scenarios
so we would have a day and a night version.

here’s an example with a hypothetical stage Kim Wu.


I like this idea/suggestion already :grinning:

That stage from MK9?

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Definatley from MK9.

I also liked he day and night feature to.

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It has been suggested before, indeed.

I’d love a sunset in devil’s landing
I’d love a night Orchid’s hideout.
Glacius stage in the middle of a storm
Maya’s at sunset or night

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I wouldn
t mind seeing Riptors in the day either.

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sounds quick, good and cheap to do.

add another vote for “yes”!

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very simple idea, and if it is feasible they should do it. I just hope they did not have a stage that transitioned from morning to night already as its own little gimmick like thunders stage starting to rain as the fight progresses.

This idea is really good.

Spinal stage on sunset.

Glacius stage at night milky way / beautiful night sky on the background and shiny auroras Australis stats to grow on the sky when ultra is executed .

Thunder stage at sunset, or at night sky, clear with constellations and some meteors. When ultra happens big meteor shower in the sky.

Aganos stage at sunset. No idea for other effects with ultra.

Hisako day time or sunset heavy rain on stage , same effect with ultra combo, but please some sound for the lightnings .

Riptor at morning or sun set.

TJ combo at noon , helicopters filming the Figth , planes flying over the city, when ultra same effect.