An Evil Surging Within - Shadow Jago Tech Thread

Shadow Jago needs more tech to showcase his master for when he arrives.

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Lol you pinned your own thread…but I agree. He does.

You can do a forward heavy kick after a surge fireball jugle and do a dash forward for a mix up.

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If you have full instinct and if they try to combobreak you, not only can you instinct cancel to keep the combo going, but if you think theyre going for the full combobreak, demon punches thru breaker/counterbreaker attempts. Go into demon and they eat 48% damage.

Activate Instinct on wakeup, if you see them grabbing go into annihilation.

Annihilation goes through Khan-ra’s tentacle grapple move.

In mirror, never answer annihilation with your own annihilation. Their annihilation animation will end before yours does and will protect them from your owns, leaving you with your pants down. Ive tried it, it doesnt work.

Full instinct on Shago is like Full pips on Fulgore. If you see your opponent jump in and whiff a button, theyre stuck in recovery frames after landing and they WILL eat your annihilation at this point.

If you try to Raging Demon Gargos when hes in Za Warudo mode, YOUR DEMON WILL WORK.

When Shadow Jago is in supersaiyan mode his specials are safe on block. Use them like you would use jago’s specials.

Use Annihilation as a 48% whiff punish. Whenever you see them whiff a button, Go into demon. theyres nothing they can do about it.

Cr.MK --> Normal Fireball is safe pressure for Shago, but once it lands, damage or blocked, its your opponents turn to attack you. You dont combo from doing this move.

On the other hand. you can manual from Cr.MK --> Surge Fireball into a combo.

For a hard knockdown, Dash Teleport crossup -> nothing can be used as another layer for the wakeup game.

EDIT: Updated tech. For clarity, when I refer to an Annihilation, a Raging demon, and a demon, Im referring to shago’s annihilation move in instinct

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