An Ask from Devs about KI on Games with Gold THIS MONTH!

Hey everyone, as you might have seen, KI is hitting Games with Gold right…now!

This is a huge opportunity to bring KI to new players and grow our community. Please tell your friends and if you see a n00b online, consider being as helpful as a teacher as you are a competitor!




I know for sure that a xbox live gold owner that don’t have a xbox one (AKA xbox 360 owner) can actualy get those game thought the pc xbox application, although not being able to play them, making the player ‘own’ a game for a console that he doesn’t have.
But for this offer, these kind of player may actualy be able to get access to it due to the xbox one/pc shared account.
Am I mistaken?
Doesn’t seems like it will affect a lot of people though.

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Yes. My pleasure help with KI offers. I’ll tell my cousins and some friends right now.

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Oh I’m going to abuse the hell out of these new players :smiling_imp: Jk. I’m going to help as many as I can.


I help as many as possible. I had a guy the other day say through the mic “wait wait…let me figure out my moves!” I did… and I taught him how to break and such…we had fun, he was cool. I hope he is still playing and plans on getting this free season if he hasnt already bought the entire package.

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Would it be possible for me, someone who’s played on X1 but now on PC, to but Gold, get the characters (on PC), then cancel Gold and keep them? I hope it is.

No, this wouldn’t be possible.

BBA is right.Technically, you don’t own the games, per sé. It’s more like an indefinite rental, for as long as you continue to pay for your Gold subscription. Once that stops though, you can no longer play them until you renew.

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Yeah I’ve been going easy on newbies, I let 'em wail on me a bit but I try to coax them out of their comfort zone. One cinder was just doing normals and didn’t really seem to get the game so I walked into a few of them and got him to start comboing me.

Don’t want to body them and make them hate the game, I’d rather loose a game or two and help them out than crush them and their desire to play.


We should have S3 for gold next year.

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It worked for S1, I kept my S1 characters despite my gold expiring later when they were free. Oh well, I’ll give it a try and see if it works. No harm in trying.

Ran into a few new players that t-bagged me :expressionless:whenever I let them knock me down so instead of continuing going easy on them I reset them into oblivion with Sadira :smiling_imp:

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I gotta be honest, when I play a noob online while I do take a teaching approach, it’s probably not one they would appreceiate within the match. I take into consideration how I looked at higher-level play when I was a bronze. I could tell from the rankings that I was going to get my ■■■ handed to me, but I watched them do their thing to see if I could glean anything I could from their performance.

*shrug. It’s hard to say what your actions might do. One person can see what you do and be amazed and aspire to greatness, another can see it, throw a tantrum, and throw their controller at the TV.

Is where any benefits from Xbox gold for PC?

Nothing beyond the free game library they give you every month.

Oh yeh! fnally we ge tdsome people who can expeirence the roster from the more crazy side of things! wooO! more players!

Less time to wait for someone in Bangladesh with poor connection!

Can’t wait for all to realize shadow mode is so very fun

If I get Xbox Live Gold for 14 days, will KI Season 2 be after Gold expire?

You will need to keep signature.

I helped a new player last night… gave him the links to the forums and Infils guide. We had a fun 20 games set where I taught him how to mix up Ads and to use combo assist. Ill give him credit he stuck around for 20 losses and almost got me a couple times.

I really enjoy helping new players… it feels good.

It will remain installed but you wont have access to the Season 2 characters. KI is a free to play game. But you have to buy the characters or Season packs of characters.
So if you get it free on Gold, you need to retain the Gold subscription to continue use of that Season.