An Appropriate Post about KI

So, with all the recent happenings and thoughts about the game from the community, I’ve decided to finally make a somewhat serious :smirk: post about what I think about when it comes to KI regarding the characters and apparent bugs.

The devs want us to post our thoughts here, regardless if it’s a general question or something actually having to do with the development; so here is my post that won’t affect anything but was made regardless and may be considered as a senseless rant. :expressionless:

Let’s start with characters;

Jago - The character you can never go wrong picking. All around good, MOVING ON!

Sabrewulf - He has to think a little more, so what’s so bad about that? His diveki-… divepunch is odd though.

Glacius - I’m not sure what I think of GlayGlay, but I DEFINITELY know how I feel when I see one since S3 started. :fearful:?!?!

Thunder - I only learned Thunder since he has the greatest profile taunt in the game, so my words here won’t hold much merit. His DP flipout mix-ups are REALLY good and they hurt my brain. That is all. But, I do find it odd how they tried to fix people who rely on DPing by making them rely on DPing.

Updira - Spiders are dumb.

Orchid - I think she’s fine, I also think she’s an okay character too. :sunglasses:

Spinal - Okay, first serious thought. People have been saying he’s bad now, not an excessive amount, but enough for it to be noticed in multiple settings and notable players moving to different characters. I get that he seems weaker, but I haven’t really noticed much difference since the start of S3.

I jokingly call myself the “World’s Okayest Spinal” since I know what I’m doing, but can be FAAAR better than my current level with him. I’m gonna use myself as an example here. I do FINE with him, yes his wake up is limited and his vortex game is not as strong now since he now has to rely on his low skull, but what is so bad about that? If someone like me can still win much more than lose with him, is he actually that bad now? Also, a character apparently having “a lot of bad match-ups” should not determine if the character is good or not when you actual know how to deal with said characters.

An example would be “If Orchid gets Spinal in a corner, she can just option select his wakeup.” This is both assuming you’ll let her get you in the corner and disregards the entirety of the rest of the match. His pressure is still strong, he basically has a free linker now and how can you not love his skulls in instinct now?

Somewhat of a bad example to put yourself in a post as… well, an example, but I figure it may have some weight since I’m not that good of a player. MOVING ON!

Fulgore - I only learned this character because of Color 10, but if there is one thing I enjoy, it’s how Fulgore essentially is Spinal with skulls AND A DP. The end result, this character is a god among fighters. Of course I know people think he’s too much and want him “nerfed,” but to be honest I have no idea what to change about this guy without completely ruining him; I’ll leave that to people who actually know what they’re talking about.

If anything, I think his teleport mix-ups tend to keep him invisible for longer than intended (results in a very tedious time trying to deal with his mix-up game).

Shago - LOL

TJ - He’s apparently the worst character in the game, I think his new found mix-ups and combos are bliss so… I dunno. I just can’t consider him as bad as everyone makes him out to be. :neutral_face:

Kan “Not so Mahvel anymore” Ra - I’ve never considered Kan brain-dead, just VERY annoying to deal with, resulting in me not really expecting to win against one in S2. Now that S3 has started, I think he’s a much more fair character now. Honestly, I’m most happy about him not being able to HK after an Air Scarab since I was terrible at punishing that. If that’s what I was most concerned about, I just can’t consider him as bad as everyone has been saying.

Fliptor - Some call her brain-dead, I just call her silly. Don’t really have any thoughts about our dino other than QCB K.

Omen - I’m afraid of this character now. It seems as though you need to block and let him burn all his meter before you can try anything; believe me, he WILL find a way to get meter. His orbs not vanishing on hit is kind of weird to get used to is all. Attempting to punish him in anyway usually ends up with you punishing yourself.

Aganos- I think he’s stronger now. :open_mouth:

Hisako - Her new uses of her wrath-stun and instinct gave her new opportunities, which is a good thing BUT, I do not like having to guess whether she’ll go for a grab or a low for a reset this frequently.: Dunno how this could be dealt done, BUT it has been a thought of mine for some time now.

Cinder - Inferno into an unbreakable Shadow Trailblazer is DUMB. :angry:

Aria - I await the incoming Aria Boss guest character for the next Mahvel entry.

Kim Wu - HAHAHAHAHAHA… hahahahhahaaha… oooohh man… PFFFFTHAHAHAHAHA-

Tusk - I don’t know, give him some more recovery after his standing HP maybe? I feel as though Tusk is meant for people who like to push buttons to play against people who like to push buttons. :neutral_face: I do fine against him, but eh… deflect.

Arbiter - I have faced the nerfs and silenced the scrubs. I will quell your guess breaks and douse your yolo by throwing a grenade after an ender; initiating a vortex that will make the darkest of black-holes moan with envy. :weary:

Rash - This… character? That the right word? Yeah? Okay. This character can be a menace, so I don’t look forward to fighting him. I do fine against him, but he’s like the incarnation of a wild card. Annoying. Sooo… MOVING ON!

Mira - Probably my favorite character both design wise and gameplay wise for S3; I wish more people made use of her so I can stea-… learn more tech.

Gargos - The cancer of ranked manifested into the form of a character. But in all seriousness, as with Rash, I USUALLY to do fine against him since people play him like a nut, but once those minions are out, it’s just :grin::sweat_smile::laughing::joy: for you. I can’t call him overpowered, just a mild annoyance.

He has so many tools to make use of, but why use them when you can just safely build meter from a distance and replace minions when you see fit? (This is how the majority of his players fight if you don’t get that by now.)

No idea what to make of him other than him being this season’s S2 Kan-Mahvel, so it seems like a good idea to learn him while you can before he gets the same treatment.

General Raam - “I lift things up and put them down with a newly carved stomach.”
“Oh, what else do you do?”
"See, your life bar?“
Pops Instinct

In my opinion, Skorge >>> Raam, but that’s just me. I don’t really like this guy as a guest, but whatever, he’s here and I have the choice to not play him.

Eydeol - You lied to me Ken Lobb. THIS WAS NOT. SUPPOSED. TO HAPPEN! :rage:!!!.. Honestly, I’d take anything over another guest. Cool that he’s here to complete the cast but I still have little interest in this guy.

My best tip for him: JUMP HP

Okay, now let’s move on to the apparent bugs and inconsistencies and random stuff;

Bugs: As for the bugs, there is one that has existed since S2 which I was hopeful about being fixed with S3’s release. Instead, it adapted and my hate for this bug has not been quelled. I’m talking of course, about Maya. :smirk: Summary: Its juggles and damage from one chances are appalling. Instead of trying to fix this bug, why not delete it instead? :slight_smile: Do it. :angry:

Counter Breakers: Apparently these are broken; I’m not going to say they are or are not, but I will give an example of me doing a launcher ender with Fugbot followed by a heavy kick with me literally mashing it and them SOMEHOW locking out ON HEAVY. Soooo… yeeaaaah… MOVING ON!

Inconsistencies: I’m just gonna focus on one topic for this; projectiles. I find it odd how some shadow projectiles can be used as linkers and not be breakable and manual’d off of while leaving you standing mid combo and others are still breakable. I know, it’s because they aren’t actual linkers, but eh, I just know how some are bothered by that and I do agree with it being inconsistent. :neutral_face:

Random Stuff: I really believe this game needs an Online Practice mode. I once asked Keits (don’t hate me for using your name plz) in a Twitch chat: “Have you guys considered an Online Practice mode?”

I find short things like this unworthy of an entire forum post, since it’s just a general question. Of course, his reply was “It’s called exhibition. :slight_smile:” You can… imagine my disappointment there. I just want a way for people to practice certain things together without the threat of the clock running out since you can’t set time to infinite online.

You can’t really rely on a bot in the lab; you can either set it to block, auto block, or get hit. It is not an actual person is what I am saying, a bot will block a mix-up because it knows where/how to block before you even try to follow up

Hey you’re still reading! So, in light the recent “behavior” of the community, I just wanted to post my thoughts here on the forums as what is apparently always necessary. I just also find some things unnecessary to make a forum post about; general non-gameplay questions like “Have you guys considered new general taunts?” Of course the forums are meant for feedback, but a guy, OR girl :rolling_eyes: can take a yes or no from time to time. Kind of feels negative to be brushed off with a simple “We have a forum for a reason” vibe. Don’t get me wrong here, yes these forums have a use and have been helpful, but that’s just my view of that aspect of the thought.

As a summary: I basically don’t know what or who to believe these days. I can make an opinion, but what do I know? I’m not a “pro” player or a developer, just someone who has played this game for years now and cares about what my time and money has been spent on. Is it that wrong to question the decisions made on a product that you paid for?

Summary Summary: Don’t do drugs. Delete Maya. Hail Hydra. Give Spinal a DP. Drink Tea. Keits Plz.
And THANKS! :thumbsup:

Just some words from a KI player who’s simply “okay” at the game on his best day.

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You forgot to buff Fulgore.

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Don’t you tell me how to live, mister. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really, kid? I was appreciating your blend of honesty and wit, right up until there. I like a little less honesty than that. You can have whatever opinion of women in the FGC you want. But if you’re gonna roll your eyes at their (our) presence, kindly keep it to yourself.


Woah, calm yourself. That was NOT meant to be taken seriously. Okay? I’m sorry if that offended you, I just found the emote to be appropriate in case someone noticed if I only put “but a guy can,” okay?

I just find it silly how we need to say both nowadays, even though we clearly mean the whole. Kind of like your use of the word “kid,” but let’s not go there.

It is breakable, just based on spacing it may only hit twice. There’s a difference.

Hmmm… not sure what this is supposed to mean…

I think the opposite. His recovery is so bad, you either have to have amazing reads or wait to counter with the right buttons. He can be punished so easily on block.

Also possibly smashed guts and face. Lets not include some of the fun stuff and leave out the rest, kay? :slight_smile:

Maybe this explains why?

And they send you to the forum where this suggestion has been made by someone else. They’re directing you here because perhaps a lot of the questions you have, have already been asked and/or answered here. This is their official forum, its a designated place to discuss KI for fans setup by them, why shouldn’t they direct you here in one collective place to discuss issues instead of out everywhere in social media and various streams.

No its not. Its the tone and context in which you pose the questions. If you just look around, there is a severe lack of constructive criticism in comparison to just yelling demands without any reasoning. But still, changes were made to the game based on forum suggestions. So they’re here to listen, as long as there is some rhyme and reason to it.

You don’t. Easy way to avoid it is just using “person” and not a gender-specific term when referring to a group. Its what we’re used to doing, I know and I do it too sometimes, but I try to catch myself and fix it before someone takes issue.

Also super please don’t read all this in an angry tone or anything, these are points of your post I kind of disagree with and would maybe like to discuss.

I agree with the silliness of how uber-PC everyone is expected to be nowadays. If that’s what you meant by the emote, sorry for jumping the gun. You understand what I thought you meant, and clarified, and I appreciate that. Sorry I called you kid, if you are in fact an adult. If you’re under the legal drinking age in your country, I stand by kid, bit mean no negativity by it.

No hard feelings? Appreciable post by the way. Had a couple good chucks. :joy:

That’s supposed to be a sweaty guy smiling (like he’s embarrassed), but I’m bad at emotes so I don’t know if that’s the right one…

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Well I’m of drinking age in my country ('Murica), so I’m fairly sure I’m not a kid. Thanks for understanding.:relieved:

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Oh I know, just a lot of Cinders know the spacing.

The trend of “Poor Kim Wu.” I can’t help myself.

Oh I know, I do fine… BUT I still feel the same way honestly. Like a S2 Cinder Dp thing, if you get me.

This right here I agree with, BUT as I stated I just find short things not worth making a post about. It could just be a fan wanting to know something about the game at times, y’know? But I fully agree.

I agree with this, it’s why I put “with all the recent happenings.”

Please bro, we are people with an opinion. The only way I would read with an angry tone is if you said tea was dumb or that you like Maya. :wink:


I like Maya.

Hashtag: Maya4Prez2016


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AYE!! DJ GlayGlay in the house lol

My response on KI is No. Since Fulgore already had a bunch of nerfs like his damage and other crap in season 2. Besides it’s not like people are getting sniped out of the air anymore. He’s gone through enough trouble in S2.

Glacius got more interesting, but as a Cinder player as well: I HATE TRACKING PUDDLE PUNCH!

Updira??? I take it you aren’t a Sadira fan then. :wink:

You’re the worst type of evil.

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Well now, I wouldn’t say that. :smirk: However, I will say that a character that holds :point_up: can be a little tedious to fight at times.


Yeah, Sadira can be annoying to fight, even when you are playing Sadira. She is her own worse enemy.

The secret though to defeating Sadira is… wait for it… anti air. :smiley: