AMD Ryzen = R.I.P Intel?

im not sure if anybody has been keeping up, i myself am just learning this but holy ■■■■

ok so for the price, and the performance, you gotta be ■■■■■■■ kiddin me. so now i can make a new beastly rig and save a ton of money on the CPU side of things lol. gg AMD, gg

Nah, Intel was just overcharging because nobody could compete with them for a while. Intel will either push out their next wave of hardware or drop their price to level the playing field.

they’re gonna have to drop it alot because their $1050 CPU just got smoked and by a CPU that is half the price lol. i hope we see a good price war coming at us. as of now, if i was to build a new PC, id go AMD

Just out of curiosity, what applications actually require this much CPU? It certainly doesn’t help with gaming…

video editing takes alot of horsepower, guys like one of my friends in the media kind of work always have badass PCs to get ■■■■ done with.they use macs though

gaming wise, i dont see a reason to get an 8 core but their quad core is quite strong compared to an i7 7700k and for a bargain price. that’d be the one you’d want to get were you to pick a ryzen cpu. if im not mistaken, that choice in CPU would run for around $160 unless things changed. thats like 200 in savings already compared to the aforementioned. i think its the ryzen 1400, i need to look it up again

I’m sure it’s fantastic. I just never seem to have any experience where the CPU is the limiting factor for performance. I’m sure heavy video applications are definitely CPU intensive.

im on a 1st gen i7 2600k. if anything slows me down its the GPU, i built my custom machine back in 2010. the only upgrades ive given over the years was switching to SSD/HDD set up, and just upgrading the GPU. i saw a humongous jump from the 660ti to my current 970 GTX. having an 8 core AMD would be amazing if games would use them all, but right now i think they only use 2?