Am I the only one who would want this?

since Shadow Lords lets you select a team of 3 characters, why not let 3 players team up to make one playthrough… I think this would be an interesting idea fostering cooperation and teamwork. All players should share rewards from missions regardless of who does what, and each player should be able to choose which mission they do. Anyone can revive a dead character with revival items, not just the player who has died.

I think this would make for an interesting addition to the mode.


No you are not the only one. I want it too.


let’s try to get the devs to introduce the cooperative shadow lords mode

Of course.

Why can’t you do this just by passing the controller among your friends? Do you want online co-op?

Because one friend can have a fightstick and another uses a normal controller. Plugging and unplugging gets annoying.

Fair point, I guess. But maybe this is a problem better solved by addressing how the console deals with input devices. I don’t know.

For a mode mostly dependent for multiplayer, allowing 3 people to team up together just to beat that devil looking Gargos would’ve been a really cool addition now that you mention it. Gives more reason to feel like you are apart of a team trying to defeat the villain, while you and two buddies chose your favorite characters, customized or not.

We have this EXACT problem, I use a fightpad and my housemates use a controller, it’s really annoying. If it acknowledged a player 2 then that would be so amazing

CO-OP? Yes please!

This would be hard to incorporate. You have to remember the boundries of this. Who decides who goes where and what they do? Who decides the options for the RPG elements? If you wanna jest end a turn and heal up? Its hard to incorporate these mechanics into Shadow Lords.
IMO I would prefer a SF4 style of a team mode. I like that. Same with their tournament mode. I find it awesome.

It wouldn’t be that hard to incorporate. Each player has control of a character. The order is determined at the start. Player 1 decides if he wants to play a match with that character or not. He can skip. If he is in a mission where multiple players can join, the other players can decide to join or not. Pretty simple.

No dummy the Coding, Tehcnical issues. Connection issues. You can play shadow lords for 3 hours. Drop it. and come back later. You CANNOT have a 12 hour long playthrough of Shadow lords "Co-operative. Like how tf. that dowsnt work

I am talking about offline co-op lol. Online is a luxury that is harder to do lel.

Ahhh, I see i see. You do have a point there. That would take mere days to complete and weeks to polish the concept. (i would imagine)

either online or offline it would be an awesome idea. I would personally love to team up with some friends and take this mode on full force. with the differing skill levels of players, it would mean that a team of players would have a better shot of taking down the big bad than just a single player would. Most people don’t have 3 characters that they are ungodly with, maybe only 1 and a second they are decent with. The nature of the purchase structure of the game leads people to sometimes not have access to all characters. thus, being able to team up with others (preferably online or over lan) would be an interesting way to fix this.

That would make Shadow Lords even more awesome.

I’m all in for this idea

Well unless the three players are playing a local co-op would make progression painfully slow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea, but unless the team is playing in real time and simultaneously, it turns into a game of chess by mail. At the very least it would turn into a shadow Lords multiplayer mode complete with the annoyingly slow match making search.

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This. In theory this idea could be fun, but in practice I feel this would just arbitrarily hamper the experience.