Am I hearing right? Will Eagle have paid accessories?

I have read on one of Eagle threads, dont remember which one, that he will cost 4,99$ with retro skin included BUT without additional cosmetics.

Does it mean he will have more accesories than usual?

Is this MS/IG testing waters for paid cosmetics? If this will attract casuals and fund more support for the game, I am OK with that personally.

I think it’s just his Premium accessories that have to be paid for in terms of cosmetics.

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eee, so does he have more stuff than other chars or not?

I’d reckon he’d have the same as everyone else.
Sorry, I forgot to edit that part in.

oh ok.

I really would not mind KI going full global offensive though, if that would make it more alive.

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Its the same as others but you have to buy the premium with KI gold. You can still unlock the other 2 accessories by leveling up. Only that 3rd Premium is not “Free”

We get a ton of free KI gold anyway so most people should have close to enough just from logging in everyday.

I like the headdress so I’m saving ki gold for that

Every character has two sets of premium accessories, Eagle will be no different. He simply comes with the retro costume for the $5 price tag and the accessories are extra as they are with other characters.