Always Player 2 always alt color in a mirror match (accessory equiped)

First off, I truly love how they did the Arbiter. I like the accessories they used and I think the 2p color is a great addition. But I have one minor complaint. Me and my bro were having an arbiter match. His retro Jet Packer Arbiter vs. my blue ascetic Arbiter. But when the game started, My arbiter came out as green. I assumed this 2-player color only showed up if both arbiters are wearing the exact same accessory sets (ie, both chose the blue ascetic arby) Was this a glitch? Anyway, I would like this to be fixed whenever possible. Its still a nice touch. But I think if both players chose an arbiter and gave one blue ascetic the other black ascetic or any different kind in general, it shouldn’t make player 2 become the player 2 color of that armor set.
Anyway sorry if this was already said and thank you for listening.


I wouldn’t mind if they figured out how to change this up.

If they do, that’d be great.