Alternate Mimic/Shadow colours?

Had an idea regarding different colours for mimic/shadow skins

Sure the devs said they had no plans to more colours like this but thoughts? Would you like to see different mimic/shadow skin colours?


Neat colors Dragon, I’m on board for more colors with these effects, though if they are tied to the lore in any way (Mimics and Shadows) that would be quite difficult to explain lol.

I actually thought of a (silly?) reason how it could occur:

Basically the energy from mimics is shattered from the make up of the entity’s into fear, hate, love etc. Each of those would occupy a certain colour, so hate could be red fear could be white or blue etc.

I know lame reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Shadows affected by the Umbra could be a different color as well?

Why not indeed, I’m sure if the devs were interested they could think of a good reason. I was going through the mimic skins the other day and just thought how cool it would be if Shago had a dark red one. That’s how this idea came about

When I had first heard they were doing “terror” skins from that leak, I had kind of hoped for blood red mimic skins.

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Not a bad idea. Personally I thought the different color mimic skins could be like a ranking system of mimics. The lower level mimics are green, the mid levels are blue, the higher levels are red, etc…

It’d be cool if the mimic skins color was tied to their amount of health for example, at start they’d be green, at around lower green bar/start of red bar they turn yellowish and at lower red bar they’d be orangish red.

They should have more detail IMO. MKX revenant skins are a good example.

In defense of these skins, revenants were more or less reanimated and corrupted versions of the characters they portrayed, like when Jago became shadow Jago.Whereas mimics and shadows are just copies of existing characters that are distinguished by a distinct aura.

Even so look how dark king and dark queen are dope just with the glowing eyes :point_down:
PS.: They are more like shago btw. Distorted voice are very neat on them too.