Alternate counter break input?

this new alternate input for counter breakers i think its short and strong can you turn it off in the options? im getting breakers where i dont want them and would prefer to just have strong and forward for counter breakers but if not i guess i will just deal with it

I agree…I dont like the new cross diagonal inputs for combo break and counter break. It hasn’t bothered me personally…but my son keeps accidentally triggering them because he plays with the fight stick flat on the coffee table and his hand rubs some of the buttons.

I think there were good intentions behind this idea but it helps the new style ppl that would use it and hurts the original style users.

I think it was fine the way it was…especially being this is a fight stick option only.

Yea I hit them accidentally a lot, it’s not intuitive for something that requires strict timing. Same thing with shadow counters. <- That causes me to drop a lot of combos. Yea I’m a noob at this game but it’s very frustrating.

I’d like the option to turn alternate counterbreak/instinct off as well please

This along with negative edge is just annoying.