Alternate costumes?

So Thunder is the first character to get an alternate costume:

If other character’s do get alternate costumes, I think cinder’s will be pre-transformation ben feris. Jago could get an actual tibetan monk outfit? What do you think about the entire cast and their possible alternate costumes? Do they have to match their personality and lore? Or can they be all crazy and make no sense (I.E. star gladiator jago)?

I don’t seen Cinder getting a pre-transformation costume, I mean he’s on fire all the time, his attacks are all fire. He’d basically still be the human torch just wearing a suit, kind of a silly idea I think.

As for others…

Monk Jago wearing hooded robes
Half-zombie Spinal with some meaty bits as he’s decaying
Dilophosaurus Riptor

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This could work:

They gave Thunder this new attire though because they said they missed the mark making him look authentic when the game came out… So they went back and worked closely with the representatives of the Pacific Northwest Nez Percé tribe to give him an accurate look, which was what they were going for originally but it did not happen… I however would like to have other alternate attires I think that would be something cool to have to play around with

I’m glad they kept the 2013 costume in the game- I think it’s beautiful
The headdress may be more ceremonial but it’s better than a cowgirl hat bootscootin red boots and cattle prods

Thunder’s? If so, yeah it fits him perfectly. Although I feel his retro accessories could have been more accurate to make our own true retro thunder.

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