Alright, that was weird

Check this out fellas…Very rare scenario in where Combo Breaker mechanic is defeated

Announcer, you’ve been IGNORED ! XD

He countered you. That’s what happened. That’s actually a very good clip of game mechanics working well.

You got deflected. Not a bug, you flat out got countered.

So what about the push back that is suppose to occur every time a combo breaker happens?

Oic now. Thats weird.

Nono, I almost missed it. Take another look. It’s weird as hell.
@PTYGreenkraken yeah Sorry, I almost missed that man. Yuo have to strain your eyes to catch it.

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It happened the same to me, same match up. There was a combo breaker in lights but he got me with the dp. I don’t know, maybe it’s a bug regarding to cancelling with Wulf in the moment it hits and deflect does that . Very strange.

I replicated it training. Deflect doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe it’s an online issue. Got it twice and no successful deflects for this.

Not really. Deflect windows on tusk’s H. DP last 6 frames starting on frame one. CB’ers are instant more or less. The breaker would have clashed with the deflect windows when canceled immediately (just like in the video.)

Just did it again, the deflect is completely ignored.

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I’m sure this is similar to Gargos parrying combo breakers in shadow lords, basically the deflect caught the breaker, whether or not it is online only, that is what happened in the video. Definitely weird, cool, and sucks for you all at the same time but yeah, game mechanics working well

But it doesn’t work in training. And you can parry breakers with the exemplar guardian in SL. It’s just much more difficult due to being human.

Plus deflects only work vs hitboxes (red hitboxes and pink hitboxes kan’-ras bandage normals), and there’s no hitbox on a combo breaker (the defender not the attacker), so what exactly is he even deflecting in the first place?

I believe IG said deflect windows, in select cases, will stomp breakers. This is one of those situations, I take it.


Like I said, it might be an online rollback thing. It happens like a combo being broken after a shadow started costing you your meter even though they broke what was before the shadow. Same idea here.

Has been in the game for a while. Risk can deflect combo breakers by canceling into his DP. Is possible only on a hard read to the break, and not very practical at all, but has been there for a while. Bastfree showed it a group of us back at EVO.

Yeah so, this is really an online thing only. If it was possible offline then it has been removed. It’s a bug to say the least.

But overall I wouldn’t really worry about it. Since it’s again an online only thing.

Nah, Tusk deflecting combo breakers definitely isn’t just an online thing - as I said, Bastfree showed it to a group of us at Evo. Still not a big issue by and large because of the inherent deficiencies in fishing for it, but it definitely is (or was, at any rate), possible offline as well.

Well its not anymore. Since (for example) canceling from a manual into instinct and into H.DP (in the combo system) the breaker just ignores the deflect and goes right through it. I can’t time it any better then that and it doesn’t work.

So it’s a online thing still, probably mixed with lag and there you go.