Already own KI PC?

So i dont have a xbox one, i just went to the windows store and it said i already own KI and started downloading ? is there a free version or soemthing ?

It’s technically a “free to play” game anyway, you have to buy the characters, not sure if you get any free rotation characters to use like in the original release.

oh im just wondering i want the full 50 dollar version, i guess you buy it in game ?

Yes you buy it ingame like a DLC. There are different packs too if you don’t know about those, sayif you don’t want S1 and 2 you just get combo breaker S3 for 20$.

i want everything =)

yea just started it it comes with saberwolf as playable and this it

I’d wait for the S3 update to drop. If you already have it somehow (hasn’t even started where I live on xbone) then purchase the supreme pack- basically the ultra packs but with all seasons included for 50-60 dollars if I remember right.

it dosent mater im already having problems game isnt playable for me, i have a gsync 144htz 2560 x 1440 display, the game is running at a full 144 fps and plays like its in super turbo, if i set the mointer to 60htz it runs at right speed but then i get huge screen tearing

nevermind i got it working, had to turn of gsync, maybe it wil lget patched, gears of war had gsync problem launch day to

yea i have to set display to 60 htz and gsync off for this game to work, kinda anoying but at least its working

iv got the season 3 content, tusk and rash , the halo dude, and kim wu all playable