Alphabetical Order for Character Sub-Forums


So, now that character releases are wrapped up for the Season, do y’all think we can finally shuffle the Season 3 character forums into Alphabetical Order with the rest of the cast?
I seem to remember @rukizzel (at least I think it was you) saying that the characters would remain out of order for the Season since rearranging them every month would be a massive pain in the neck, but is it possible that with the upcoming downtime following S3/Shadow Lords, there would be time to work it out?

Not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen soon, but it would be nice to see. :slight_smile:


Would be nice sure.


Sure is possible! By possible I mean I will get it done in the month of July. Hold me to it!


I look forward to it!

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So uh… That was easy. The bug that plagued all this last year is gone, and I just never checked again lol.


Another performance goal achieved, lol.


Th-that was quick :kissing:
I made a request and it was fulfilled within hours
I feel special
Thanks, Rukari-Senpai!

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This was one of the best things about the Eyedol update, the out-of-order sub-forums for season 3 was driving me nuts!