ALOT of "Level 4 Ender" threads

I am aware of the irony of this, and I completely understand if the mods lock this thread, but here goes…

We are alot of people who have an opinion of this matter. Actually, seems like everyone of us have, more or less. And that’s good! It’s good we share these opinions, discuss them and give IG our feedback. It’s why we’re here! This forum is the exact platform to do this in!

… But do you need to make a new thread for posting your opinion? There are already alot of threads about this exact topic. Maybe the mods can merge them together? Because it seems to become rather excessive now…

I know the mods prefer we flag a post or thread and don’t directly address others about their forum behaviour, but I thought this needed to be said.

Love you all. <3


NO merge. it detracts from points being made. Crazy Lcd just posted in a fresh thread to sajam. that would be lost in obscurity if it merged. Besides they are different topics

They are ALL just opinions about the same topic. Not really different at all. The devs will see them none the less.

No they arent. it started off as a vote, votes turned into difference of opinions. If anything all the off topic posts on the “voting” thread should be deleted.

Are you talking about the poll thread I made? Because that’s closed now.
What I’m talking about is people continuing making new threads about the same topic, just because they want their own opinions on top and displayed for everyone to see, because they feel their opinions have a significant value above the rest.

But they are all about the same topic, they are all just opinions about the same thing.

mmm, maybe. but in due corse. Some top dudes are getting some spotlight on their input and a merge now would kill it.

Besides they arent the same

1 thread had a vote

1 thread threatened boycotts

1 thread is about what the best ender

While related they are hardly the same. Does all combo talk only go in one thread? Do all shadow breakers appear in one thread or are there sections to make it easier to find and discuss.

and the most recent thread is about a professional commentators opinions

They are still just opinions. Inputs, feedback, etc. Call them what you want. It’s about the same thing.

Anyways, I put it in the hands of the mods. They decide.

just because a topic shares a common denominator isnt the same thing, the mods arent gonna merge anything cause its not right.

A new thread to complain about the too many threads.


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Like I said, I realize the irony.