Allow spaces in nickname

I like the idea of logging in with your MS account and having your gamer tag as your forum nickname. The problem is because it seems to not allow spaces people that search for me on xbox live won’t find me or find someone else and think its me. My gamertag is DA NECKBRE4KER, not DANECKBRE4KER.

Funnyt hat you bring this up because with that “no space” rule, I always read your name as Dane-Braker and never even noticed that you liked to break necks… :dizzy_face:

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So from how it was explained to me, this has more to do with the way Xbox Live handles your Gamertag.

Believe it or not your Gamertag is DANECKBRE4KER. And it is also DA NECKBRE4KER. Xbox Live does not recognize spaces as a character so no matter what you search it will always return your profile.

When we call the service to pull your Gamertag, because it doesn’t recognize spaces as a character, it returns, DANECKBRE4KER. Inconvenient for sure, but something we know is happening and can hopefully be tweaked in the future.

capital letters aren’t important either when it comes to XBL, I’ve noticed. I can type in “galactic geek” or “Galactic Geek” and still come up with the same result.

I find it odd, though, because it remembers the capital letters, if you have them, wherever you go, so for us, whether we have spaces or caps or whatever else, it IS important - and remembered.

An odd system indeed.

Yesterday i tryed to invite someone to destiny but i forgot a space and it wont find it. People looking for DANECKBRE4KER wont find me either.