Allegro Tech for Full Combos

So guys, I was messing around with ARIA, and I accidentally discovered some awesome tech/style stuff

Apparently Allegro (DP+Punch) can be used repeatedly as a sort of manual multiple times in a combo with proper timing.
Here’s a few examples of things I found that may be fun to try!
(in written form, at the moment. May eventually post video if I get time, unless you guys can pull them off and post them first.)
[Blade Body]
MP, DP+MP, DP+HP, (optional Instinct Cancel), DP+PPP
Back+HP, DP+MPx2, Instinct Cancel, DP+MPx3, HP manual, DP+P
Crouching MP, DP+MP, DP+HP, Fireball back+3K, Instinct Cancel, DP+PPP

Go ahead an try it out! It doesn’t do a lot of damage (only a little over 22%) but it’s somewhat challenging/fun to play with!

You can actually manual several of her special moves into themselves and eachother.
Short list of the ones I know about:
Any shotgun blitz into a shotgun blitz of descending strength.

Heavy shotgun blitz into any strength allegro, light crescendo, and light explosive arc.

Heavy explosive arc allows you to do light explosive arc, medium and light shotgun blitzes, light and medium crescendos, any strength allegro, and assist calls.

Air Heavy Crescendo allows you to manual light and medium shotgun blitzes.

And Medium Allegro allows you to manual any strength allegro, light and medium shotgun blitzes, light explosive arc, and any strength crescendo.

Not to mention if you combo into a bass assist or the instinct drones your manual options are limitless.
Example: Heavy Explosive Arc > Bass Assist> Medium Kick> Literally any special move you want > Whatever manual option you have after the special move you decided to do > Ender.

Someone should make a flow chart of all the options.

I knew about Allegro manuals and stringing them along, it is just that it is pretty hard to pull off not so much the timing in this case but it really is the input command because if you don’t input it correctly or you are a little off, she does her DP instead and is pretty much an ender. I find it cool that you seem to have an easy time to execute it.

Darn it, every time I find something cool, everyone already knows about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed that if you pull an Allegro attack on someone that is blocking, they are still on a disadvantage because you have better frame advantage to follow-up with a grab or crouch LK into a combo - if your opponent is not blocking low that is.

How are you getting DP? Allegro isn’t an opener so it’s actually impossible to get the DP ender.

It may not be a true opener, but it works if you immediately manual afterwards or cancel into a shadow (which I’ve found you can do during the animation of the 3rd hit).

Right, because it’s not a true opener you can never cancel directly into enders, so if you’re doing a DP motion with medium punch, you will never accidentally get something unsafe, even if you mistime it.

Heavy explosive arc is super, super good for Aria, especially as a manual after a jump-in (say, after some Booster body mixup). She can call bass assist, do a manual, wait for bass assist to hit, do another manual, then continue with the combo.

In general I think linking two medium Allegros together is cool but not overly useful, because it’s a pretty easy combo break; you guess mediums, and if you did the heavy, it’s no big deal because the combo ends right away. I suppose you can do heavies and if they try to guess mediums, you cancel into shadow grenades to do massive damage? This seems risky too, though, because if they don’t break, you have no choice BUT to cancel into shadow grenades and play a weird counter breaker game there. If you’re going to make someone guess on a 50/50 break, it seems Aria has a lot better ways to do that, where Aria just runs the offense and a wrong guess on either side is punished.

It’s still cool that Aria has enough frame advantage after some of her openers to link more special moves, though.

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If you do the first two hits of medium/heavy allegro and cancel the third into a shadow move the strength is indistinguishable. It also won’t blow out until the third hit so I’d you can find a way to tack it on the end of a combo you can get extra damage by cancelling before the third hit, either into a shadow ender and cashing out or a shadow linker and getting another allegro out. Note that I’m not sure you can normally link into allegro mid combo, the only way I have found to get a mid combo allegro (outside of the methods detailed here) is to break the combo system (which costs a bar of meter initially so you can only do one allegro).

Outside of wallsplatting in instinct I don’t know of anyway to hit a standing opponent with a medium or heavy allegro. But you can use them to juggle after manualing any of her heavy kick launchers, though the amount of damage they add is very inconsistent. For example:
Overhead > Heavy Explosive Arc > St .HK> Shadow DP = 29%
Same combo with a heavy allegro after the St. HK = 31%


Overhead > Heavy Explosive Arc > St. MK > Shadow Shotgun Blitz > St. HK > Shadow DP = 39%
With Allegro after St. HK = 47%.
But if you replace the St. MK with a St. HP the allegro goes back to only adding an extra two percent over the original combo. Not sure what sort of scaling thing is going on there.

Was in the lab looking for more funky manuals and found out you can call assists after heavy shotgun blitz linker and shadow shotgun blitz linker/opener and have enough time to cancel into shadow shotgun blitz. For some reason bass assist’s glitchy properties come into effect again and instead of only adding 3% it adds 9% damage, but only if done early in the combo.
Tried doing it at different points in the combo but if you do it any later than after the first linker or opener the damage gets scaled too badly.
It’s not too useful of tech considering it’s like a two frame link and you have to risk not getting a heavy linker broken if you don’t have two bars but it can lead to some pretty stylish combos with multi-bass assist calls and special move manuals. One that I did was:
Heavy Explosive Arc > Bass Assist > Heavy Shotgun Blitz > Heavy Shotgun Blitz > Light Shotgun Blitz > Heavy Shotgun Blitz Linker > Bass Assist > Shadow Shotgun Blitz > Ender.

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As it hasn’t been posted yet, the setup I have which breaks the combo system is: call bass assist, normal (hits first), normal xx shadow opener (breakable). After this if you input a cancel (auto double or linker) then the combo will continue as normal, but if you do a manual then you will play the opener version of the move instead. This gives you increased frame advantage and ambiguous “linkers” and allows you to do an allegro at the end of the combo as mentioned earlier. It is worth noting that grenade arc seems to add much less kv to combos than shotgun blitz and so should be prioritised.