All Tusk's video footage so far here

post more if you find more


Weird face aside, Tusk is a better animated and realized character than Arbiter and especially Kim Wu. Only if they gave Cinder the same level of attention…

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Thanks for compiling these!

Kind of random, but I really miss Kim’s reveal voice (or tone rather, since the VA is the same I assume). Seems like they lowered the amount of sass, but I liked how she sounded before. It also matched what she was saying a bit more.

Kim is irreverent. Just go with it MS/IG :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for gathering them. ^^

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Tagging this one for easy review later, since there are a couple videos I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve been seeing things about a Tusk stream tomorrow night but without a time scheduled yet. so be on the lookout for that.

The more I see of tusk, The more I like his voice. It’s weathered and tempered from over the years.
Some tuning to the eyes and mouth and he’s great to go.
I think he’s gonna be my main now that’s he’s here

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Yeah. I’ve seen people complaining that he doesn’t sound “angry” or “barbaric” enough. Dude’s been alive for over 2000 years - at some point he probably figured out that being pissed off for eternity was a bad life choice. His voice is fine.


Yeah I’m sure over the aeons he’s learnt how to talk and be literate.
Old tusk just grunted and dah’d. This one actually has personality

Tusk dominated in all of them! LOL

Kim Wu, no… :sob:

Am I the only one who noticed Arbiter’s face wasn’t shown in his lifebar at all in the Tusk vs. Arbiter video?

Also, sometimes, if player 2 is Arbiter, during his intro his sword its already out while holding the carbine

Uh, what? If anything he seems more angry/barbaric to me. I guess I could be misremembering classic Tusk, though.

His new personality seems more “stoic-heroic-wise-legendary”

old tusk was a hooligan


Really? I guess a big part of it to me was the moveset: old Tusk’s blade strikes seemed more coordinated and intentful to me. Old Tusk also had the wind kick, which to me has connotations of discipline and elegance (probably because I’ve been doing it as Jago for so long), and do you happen to know what web of death’s advantage on block was?

Now Tusk on the other hand seems bigger and more sluggish, swings around an impractically large blade in a savage and uncoordinated manner, and has a goddamn command grab.

Rareware hired martial artists to advise them when creating the moves for KI2 characters. Kevin Bayliss himself is a taekwondo practitioner.

So, I agree with you. Old Tusk was a brute, with the fighting style of a swordsman. New Tusk is a superhero who moves like a brute. In part because he is swinging a board instead of a sword. There’s no finesse and precision with a weapon like that.

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the best answer ive read about that weapon

Tender moments Tusk

Watch live video from KillerInstinct on

O that tusk face scared the ■■■■ out of me :]

The more I see his haggard face the more I like it! It fits that grungy feel.

Hope he has a shorter pants version or even Jungle barefoot version or game of thrones type version!

Love the conqueror and DP most and TJ combo shoulder shrug fidgets