All things Shadow Lab- Ideas, issues, ect

Yeah I should probably delete my shadow again and start over - I’m definitely playing a lot differently now than I was in week 1 of Season 3.

On question about Practice mode:
I’m only experimenting the “record” function since a few days.

How to make your dummy make a wake up reversal?

Sorry if the question sounds stupid.

Save a match where once you get knocked down, you reversal on your wakeup. If you want to make sure it sticks, record a match where you do this a bunch of times.

Do remember though that shadows organize their “thoughts” by specific MU’s as well - it may take a decent amount of data to build in a habit of waking up with reversals. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t want your shadow to always wake up DP just because you did it once or twice in a single recorded match. That’s one of those things that you’d kind of want to take a decent amount of training to do.

It sounds like you’re thinking of Practice mode (predicated on your uses of the words “dummy” and “record function”)

Oh YES!!! i’m sorry.

I’m speaking of Practice mode… :sweat_smile:

Edit: Sorry STORM179

Ah! Right on - in that case, it’s not currently possible to record wake-up functions for the dummy.

I and many others have made this suggestion in my Practice Mode thread, feel free to chime in! :smiley:

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Thank you for your answer.

And sorry for one more mistake of mine.

Anytime, and no worries friend! :smiley: Happy to help.

Small suggestion guys…

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I’m down - I’m sad that my Hisako Shadow never gets to rock Color 2 (Default Color 2 is my jam).

Yes. Specially now… with more great colors, 10th colors, etc.

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Still can’t get into my shadow lab.

Have you been in contact with the Devs?

So far there have been a few of us who cannot access the mode, and behind the scenes they have been trying to fix the issue. They said they potentially had a fix internally about a week ago, unfortunately it didn’t seem to work. That being said, they are aware of the issue, and are working to fix it.

Let @TotalJimkata “James Goddard” know about any shadow lab issues.

I’d like to report a bug with the Shadow AI - it doesn’t appear to work in the other single player modes :laughing:

j/k (a little)

I would like this option too, along with picking a stage & music… Yea I think that would cover all my shadow lab wishes. Well besides that shadow lab issue I posted about in the official bug thread

Nice idea too Gunloc. Stage and music would be awesome too.

Reviving this thread to get discussion going again. Wanted to throw out some ideas for improving Shadow Labs.

-Shadow Activity Notifications! The latest update brought new content alerts that pop up in the store/menus to let you know if you’ve unlocked something. A similar system that pops up on the Single-Player section would be a good way to a) remind people that Shadows exist, and b)make it easier to keep track of when your Shadow has been challenged.

-Color Customization! This is a popular one of seen suggested a few times on the forums. Being able to have our Shadows show off their color 9/10 would be a much more pleasant representation of the user.

-Shadow Hunting! This is probably my favorite idea: Using a similar structure to Shadow Lords, you could send your Shadow out to deal with other Shadows. The game uses algorithms and stuff to simulate the battle in the background (or while you spectate), calculates the results, and then returns with either a win and some dosh or a loss and some bruises. Or better yet, have it go out and collect wins/bounties until it is defeated. This would make it much easier to keep getting matches played, and you could test your shadows against one another with friends or randoms!

-Automatic Data Collection for All Characters! Being able to only keep a few Shadows is a bit of a bummer. It’d be pretty cool if we could have a Shadow to represent every character we use/own. I also think that it might be a bit silly to let players pick and choose what data gets collected. I know it feels like a blessing, but our Shadows would certainly seem more human if they mimicked our mistakes as well as our victories. This one is a bit lower on my importance scale, but an interesting idea…maybe.

-More Rewards! I dunno if the Shadow Points in Shadow Labs can also be used in Shadow Lords, but they should be. But more importantly, it’d be awesome if getting your Shadow to a certain point got you goodies. For example: Getting a certain number of matches for your Shadow could unlock a unique fight title, emblem, profile card, or even skin for you to unlock (or a package of skins for the whole cast). Perhaps this sort of thing is being saved for Shadow Lords, which is fine, but having more stuff to win could help incentivize more Shadow Lab time!

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More rewards for playing in the shadow lab I think is very important & an easy way to get more players to use the mode.
Another thing I think might help this mode is for Microsoft to relaunch it with new features/modes/rewards. Have Aria’s voice actress come back & record lines explaining why she needs our fighting data to help combat the enemies of humanity. After reading the novellas, I think this would fit in well with the plot. Work it into the dojo like infill posted about & it could be like Aria’s danger room. Have mini games like break targets, destroy cars or whatever & now I think we are looking at a real mode that can stand on it’s own!

One mode I would like to see would be a shadow tournament. Each pool would be seeded with different tiers of shadows. 50/100/200 ect… At the end of this “Ultratech Killer Instinct tournament” you could post what the results were to your Xbox feed & tag the other players shadows to let them know where they placed too.

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My Shadow Lab is working fine. It’s pretty fun!

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