All things Destiny!

Just wanted to make a post to talk about the upcoming expansion and hopefully get a Fireteam together for raiding and Nightfalls.

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I really like destiny, but I can’t go raiding because no one join my team. You can add me as KevBones10. If you want

Sounds good dude. I’ll add you when I get home. I always lurk in the forums at work.

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Compared to the failure in the past “DLC’s” the taken king looks exactly how the game should have been day one.

Leaving behind all year one legendary weapons, I have mixed feelings bout this. I mean there are about a handful that are still quite useful. )Fatebringer) But lets see what’s up for grabs in the expansion.

Year one exotics, will be upgraded to year two eventually as the remainder of the year progresses. Just not immediately on launch. I’m okay with this, open up opportunities to try out the new ones.

Level cap is 40. Light is still important, but it has nothing to do with how you level. Again, this should’ve been a day one feature for vanilla destiny.

Weapons patch, the imfamous Gjallarhorn. The crutch weapon has finally been nerfed. I’m in awe to be honest, but seen it coming. I’m more of a heavy machine guy guy. But often find myself bring out the Truth because of the aggressive tracking. Thorn. don’t care. I have one, it collects dust. It’s nice to see auto riffle making their way back into the meta. Not much more I have to say right now.

There’s a ton of content coming with the Taken King. Even if the prices is insanely high. With all the content being offered, I think any destiny playing might find worth to it. Crucible and both PvE players will be spoiled. The new story campaign is said to be over six hours long. That’s about almost… half of vanilla destiny story campaign? Plus more cutscenes and a major increase in the lore, with grimore cards being able to be read and reviewed within the game. (How it should have been day one)

This expansion is a major step up from thier past two, and from here I think Bungie is going in the right direction. They just need to work with Antivsion on these insane prices.

I only just recently got back into Destiny. I’m optimistic about the Taken King, but I’ll need to play it to make sure. Happy to see that auto-rifles are going to be viable again, at least, and the new sub-classes look pretty great.
Gamertag same as username.
Warlock Main: 34 with all perks unlocked.
I have a pocket Titan and Hunter both at 32 that I rarely use, but try to build for support.
Don’t usually play online with people much these days, apart from a few runs of Trials and Crota recently, usually set myself to invisible so I don’t have to deal with people.

I just got the game and finished both of the main quests for the Taken King and Rise of Iron. If anyone can help me with the raids, I would really appreciate it!

I have it on both Xbox and PS4 though my clan is PS4 only. I have 6 total 400 max level characters. :smiley:

Sadly my internet isn’t working… at all. at the moment. :frowning:

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