"All Purpose" Speculation Character Thread!

Please post all pictures, and move sets for any potential future character that is not listed below. This way IG can juts read through the topic when they are ready to brainstorm ideas!

*Please no guest characters, there is a separate topic for that.

Individual Speculation Threads:
Shadow Orchid
Ben Ferris (Pre-Transformed Cinder)
Magical Archer
Tree Golem (Broccoli Man)
Gorilla & Halo Brute
Arachnid & Insectoid
Snake & Gorgon
Crackdown Agent
Joanna Dark

This is “Phant.” An anthropomorphic Elephant that poaches people, created by Todd MacFarland. Who says elephants can’t be scary? KI needs an “elephant in the room”, wouldn’t you say so?

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More Pictures of “Phant the Poacher”, I wonder what IG could do with an Elphant charcater?!?

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How about astrong text “Crocodile Knight?”

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Speculative threads and discussion of the “survey characters” already exist.

Please use the search functionality instead of creating duplicate threads.