All gold and items reset to 0?

I purchased in-game currency and actually got lucky enough to win the (Perfect Guardian). When I logged in yesterday, all of my guardians, KI Gold, and shadowlord items were gone. My progress and level remained the same so this cannot be a corrupted save issue. When I look at my Xbox achievements, I still have the (Perfect Guardian) achievement, it’s just that I no longer have any of the items that I won…or that I paid you for. I paid real money for this stuff and still had KI gold left over.

Please either give me what I paid you for (My items), or just give me back my money…seems fair enough to me.

I’ve seen weird glitches where your gold, items etc vanish, its usually fixed by rebooting the game.

I hear ya…I tried a hard reboot of my console and a full reinstall of the game. The game loads up and plays fine, all of my level progress has been saved but all of my guardians, items, and currency are still gone. Even my free green ram guardian is gone.

Thanks for the reply though.

I’d ask @developers for assistance in that case, I hope they can sort it out for you.

I was referred here by the xbox customer service team for help. Still patiently waiting. I can see the developers on here but I dont see how to contact them directly. To be honest…I was kinda thinking that they would be reading their own forums and help me first.

Any suggestions @BlitzedKraig @rukizzel?

Is the Gamertag in question ApexPredatorXT?

Yes, My gamertag is ApexPredator XT. I purchased the gold on 1/31. If you look at my gamertag profile, you will see that I also got the (Acquire a Perfect Guardian) achievement on the same day.

Xbox said they refunded my money earlier today during my 3rd hour-long conversation with them in the past 3 days. If you guys can figure out how to get my items back instead, I will reinstall the game and give you guys another chance since I really did enjoy the game in the short time that I was able to play it.

OK Then, 2 weeks and no answer. Guess you guys don’t really care. Thanks for holding my money for a few days and thanks for wasting my time. Best of luck with your game.

Haha! Welcome to Killer Instink! History’s buggiest fighting game.