All Eyez on Me, 2Pac biopic, any Pac fans here?

2pacs biopic is coming later this year. Anyone planning on seeing it? I’m a hardcore Pac fan, I have all his CDs and I have most of his unreleased songs/unreleased original versions of songs released after his death.

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I am! I am a huge Pac fan man. I also have his entire discography, I also have a couple documentary and a handful of t shirts as well. I love pac. He and Jimi Hendrix are my favorite artists ever.

I don’t think I can name one song of his that is my favorite since I like so many, but I can say that The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory is probably my favorite Pac album, or possible All Eyez On Me…or 2Pacalypse Now…or maybe Me Against The World…I love them all :joy:

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Ayy don killuminati is fire! Me against the world is underrated. All eyes on me is classic, I like biggie but life after death isn’t as good as aeom in my opinion lol the posthumous releases are legit too but the original unreleased songs are mostly better

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Yeah I like big too but I like Pac a lot more lol I like the posthumous albums too. The unreleased stuff is sick, did you like Watch Ya Mouth? It was an unreleased diss track that came out a couple years ago IIRC

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Yea, ny87 goes hard too!

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What, didn’t expect to find any Pac fans on here. Since growing up in LA, I grew up with his tunes, man. Hearing teens bumping it on street corners, or during BBQ’s, it sure brings back memories.
His Me Against the World album is on my Top Ten.


I listen to him almost everyday lol been waiting for A new album but it doesn’t look like it’s coming. Probably for the best though since they would probably want to put guests like Drake, f**k that lol

They had announced a soundtrack for the movie, but they had said no new material from him

Lord, drake is terrible. It’s music for the masses, but it’s not hip hop. We need the new Gangstarr’s, 2Pac’s, KRS One, and Mos Def’s.

He could at least write his own music :joy:

Have y’all heard a song titled “wherever you are” with 2pac and big daddy Kane?

Nope, but I’ll listen to it right now.

It’s unreleased fireee lol

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Dude, the funky beat that starts in the beginning. Sick.

Nothing will top 90’s rap for me. It’s always been real, to the point and it just flows.

The beat gets you right away lol

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I got the ORIGINAL unreleased 7 day theory, called 3 day theory, it has the original versions of “■■■■ friends” “nikkaz nature” “when thugs cry” and it has “watch ya mouth” “lost souls” and an interlude that was cut from the released version, pure fire lol