Aliens fans welcome

If you love the aliens movies then talk about it here all are welcome if your a fan of course:).


In my world, only the first two Alien movies exist.

Are we talking alien franchise? Or the alien genre?



Oh. Ok.

Sorry for the confusion.

I think my favorite movie was the second one.

Aka the Xenomorphs :slight_smile: :wink:

Well…I have:

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Alien and Alien Queen Pop Vinyl Figures
Alien and Predator Comics from 1992
Alien Quadrilogy, AVP: Alien VS Predator and AVP2
Alien in Mortal Kombat XL
Alien: Isolation

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AvP 2 is a modern masterpiece of new age cinema

Any thoughts on the Ubermorph that was introduced at the end of Prometheus a long while back?

im also of the Alien 1 and 2 are all that exist crowd. 3 and 4 were just horrible. so here i wait (in vain) for the district 9 guy to move forward with his alien movie that goes and pretends 3 and 4 never existed. ripley, hicks, and newt are all back and again they have themselves a new bug hunt in a wonderful location full of chaos horror followed by more horror. however, ridley scott goes and throws his weight around saying he wanted alien: covenant, followed by several more sequels. GG. dont think we’ll see that alternate reality happen now :\

This is where the bar goes silent and everyone stares at me in disgust, I didn’t actually mind the 3rd Alien movie. For me it was the fourth film that never existed and I try hard to forget it ever really did happen. The original vision for the 3rd movie was rather good and some of it (well a tiny portion) is present in the re-cut version.

First and second films of course are works of pure art for different reasons