Alan Wake for $7.00

Hi all. I noticed that Alan Wake is on sale for $7.00 as a back compat 360 game at the moment. I picked it up because I never finished it (I was playing with my wife and she isn’t as dedicated as me :wink:).

Anyway if this isn’t a game you have played it’s really worth a look. It has a pretty brilliant style and although it’s not perfect by any means it does a lot of things that I wish more games did. Just thought I’d drop an off topic thread as a PSA


I got it for free with Quantum break…I down loaded it but havent installed it yet. I already traded Quantum break back in…just too slow…has potential but I have just been too in depth with the souls series.
Ill play Allen Wake one day…its good huh?

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I’ve heard good things about it. Watched a Twitch playthrough of it and it was definitely interesting, if not quite my personal cup of tea. $7 bucks for it is a steal.

It’s an interesting game. A bit repetitive in its combat mechanics, but I enjoyed the argument and the references

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You can get it for free with quantum break, dlc included, and quantum break is only like $15 on black friday so it’s the better deal if you haven’t played either.


I don’t care for QB, but I owned AW. I never beat it either though, and oddly enough, I didn’t automatically get it via BC, so I think I can swallow $7 to pick it up again.

I got 100% on Alan Wake, which was particularly painful. I remember going through the game a second time with 8 different tabs open to make sure I didn’t miss any items, constantly cross-referencing them every time I moved a foot.

The game itself was… okay. Definitely has its issues but it has some fun parts. For $7 it’s worth checking out if that style of game is your thing.

There’s a ton of potential with Alan Wake. It’s not my kind of game but I really did enjoy watching my cousin play through it. The graphics at the time were really great and they still hold up well today.

15 for quantum break? Is that in the Xbox store on BF or in a real store? Is the game worth 15? The game must be bad to be discounted like this. The game has not been out that long.

For AW the level of presentation and the story is the highlight. The combat gets points for being different but it’s a little wonky and there’s some segments where you really don’t want to repeat a whole scene after you die.

Its a great game but it can be very slow and tedious at times. I didnt get to the end but I think if you treat it like a television series and enjoy a slow " you play the movie" type of game… you will like it. It also has an actual TV series you can watch that changes due to the decisions you make in game. So thats pretty cool too!

It’s not discounted because it’s bad, it’s discounted because it’s black friday. Gears 4, titanfall 2, skyrim, infinite warfare, and battlefield 1 all have only been out for a month and you can find them in the $20s and $30s for black friday.

I get that it will be black friday, but the game went from having all this hype to never being heard from. I guess I should have known that only Halo, gears, and forza get constant ad time.

I just didn’t know anyone who had it, and $60 is alot to spend on a game that you know nothing about.

I picked up Titanfall 2 for the equivalent of $30 yesterday because of Black Friday deals, and that game hasn’t even been out a month(?) Doesn’t speak to popularity, just that these discounts are set on their expectations of selling more copies during a popular buying period.

I don’t see quantum break anywhere on the sale area. Is that one of the actual Black Friday only deals?

I’m not seeing it anywhere for anything but $59.99. Maybe he saw it in a printed circular for a physical disc.