Air Enders a possibility?

After the recent balance changes with the majority of the cast and the fact that a lot of the balance changes have to do with juggle opportunities it begs the question (at least in my opinion) is air enders a possibility? For example one ender could cause a flipout, one causes a hard knockdown, and one may cause a ground bounce. Each of those enders would deal a different amount of damage based on the type and effectiveness of said air ender. So I’m just wondering if the developers at IG have considered this at all for Season 3, or if it’s just to unbalanced at present. I’d also like to hear the community’s thoughts on this idea/concept.

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Well Aria’s booster body could work for this. It is the air body after all and it isn’t too great for air uses.

Exactly! Also with Sadira’s Salticide (I’m calling it that because IG) move could double as a hard knockdown ender. Again just theorycrafting here.

Aria does have an air ender, her shadow crescendo can be done in the air to cashout. However I think they should just stick to shadow cashouts for juggles. Being able to end your combo and get a hard knockdown or flip out would leave zero reason to use normals that cause the same effects, are breakable, and don’t cashout.

That would be a good idea for balance reasons. Question is: Which shadow moves would be shadow cashouts for each character?

While I like the direction season 3 is going with air combos, I think they need to revamp air combos entirely. Unlike ground combos, air combos are extremely hard to see and break. Usually in normal combos you can see a pattern form but for air combos the opponent usually only hits you twice in the air making it hard to get a feel of what they are going for. Shago specifically, is hard to know what strength his moves are. Can anyone even tell what strength his dash saber spin attacks are? I think the ground combo system should be added to the air but this seems like a pipe dream sense they can’t repurpose ground animations in the air and KI is recycling a lot of animations instead of creating new ones.

surely for sadira ,since shes the air queen :heart_eyes:

Most of the cast already has shadow cashouts for juggles though. Only ones I can think of that don’t are Kan-ra and Omen.

They have added a non shadow areal ender for Season 3. Mayas Mantis will cash out damage if a breakable window has occurred; sounds like an air ender to me.

Yes. It’s based on distance travelled pre-surge. Shortest one is light, the longest one is heavy.

I think that’s the point. Juggles aren’t as damaging as ground combos and are more difficult to execute, so they’re not much different from manuals in spirit.

Would getting launched into the air by saberwoulfs eclipse and doing a late break, basically be considered an air breaker? Do you just want an anouncer to say “AIR BREAKER” or would this be a whole new mechanic? Because I would think this already a thing.

I have done breakers while being juggled or in mid air…there is just no specific announcement to it.

EDIT: I got my terminoligy mixed up, enders and breakers.

So like Jago’s balarina spin in the air after his DP? I would like that.

Sounds kind of interesting if full air-combos are possible.

But whoknows we may get a character that truly specializes in it.

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This. I’m thinking this mechanic will be unique for a new character.

I love this idea. Air combos and air enders amazing!

Thats what i want our vampire charicter to have

If Sadira gets an air ender, I would love to see her suspend her target in the air with webs, jump away to web-wall bounce back and kick them through the web they’re stuck on.
(Sorta like what we saw with her new damage ender, except she webs them to stay in the air.)

Cnsidering she’s already quite a pain to fight already I would hope not.

As for the new character it certainly has to be one that can fly.