Air Combo breakers and flip mechanic

Sometimes less is more. Season 2 and 3 added those mechanics and the game got too wild and confusing, some players stop playing the game. People who said season 1 was boring, that’s just bullshit. Apart from sadira unbreakable and few other things, game was good.

I like the movement and feel of the game and the character designs from season 1 to 3 are amazing. They need to work on the game mechanics, maybe start from scratch.

Hopefully we see a new KI for the next xbox.

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You thought Sadira and Wulf doing free juggles wasn’t boring?

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Or maybe you know, they just find S1 boring?

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You can break air-combos in the air like how you would break manuals on the ground, and forcing characters to restand from an air position with a light attack button which is always breakable as a light is so confusing. We should bring back those free unbreakable juggles from Season 1, because I’m a dude who plays Mahvel and believe combos should never be broken anyway.


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I agree, I don’t like the crazyness either. But it’s my opinion.

And on the graphics aspect: Purple shadow effects aren’t that nice, the VS symbol needs polishing and the game effects makes everything quite confusing a la marvel. I want to break but sometimes some S2 characters (mainly) I can’t get to distinguish what they are hitting me with (for instance take that colorless retro Cinder, it’s very hard to tell what it’s doing when in combo).

All these effetcs and high contrasts with along too much happening help the crazyness of the game. KI wasn’t like that, was a more “calmed down effetcs” to check your hit confirm and being able to counter attack. I don’t like the marvelish style in that way.

This is what I find issue with - I feel that they should be easier to break (similar to ADs), because grounded manuals are hard to break, and if breaking juggles is just as hard, then that automatically gives an inherent advantage to juggle-based characters. The only balance factor I know of is damage - juggles do less damage, but if they can easily get lockouts, then recapture or flip out to continue the combo, that no longer applies.

I disagree. Grounded combos can easily be ended with an ender while juggles need an obvious break point such as a recapture to cash out or use meter.


"[quote=“Fenix1729, post:1, topic:18127”]
People who said season 1 was boring, that’s just bullshit.
S1 looked like SF4 w/ combo breakers, until you got launched, then it became Marvel For Dummies. So instead of wasting money on an XBox, I just kept playing SF and Marvel.

S2 piqued my interest, and S3 became a completely stand-out game. Now I don’t play other games, just KI. Not even other genres (apart from a bit of Overwatch, but even that I haven’t played in months). I even acquired an XB1 so I could play KI w/ better graphics.

So, from my perspective it’s more like “those of you who say S1 was fun or unique, that’s just bullshit. If players left because the game got too complicated, they wanted to be playing SF all along”.

Imagine Cinder getting a burnout on you and then launching you into the air. You really want a game where you have absolutely no chance to break the 50+% combo he’s free to inflict on you?

They are generally lower-damage already though, and they almost always require meter or a recapture to cash out to do major damage. Plus they’re often harder to execute. The fact that they’re hard to break is pretty much the only thing they have going for them.