"Air-Bounce." Possibly a bug, but a cool technique anyway

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but if you throw medium Widow’s Bite, and use Salticidae before the daggers hit the opponent, and the opponent blocks the daggers, Salticidae acts as if you hit something and you bounce off of the air, after which you can move around the air like normal. It only works if you use Salticidae before the opponent blocks the daggers, and it does not work if the daggers hit properly. If this is a bug, I would rather it remains in the game because it is a really cool technique. I will call it “Air-Bounce” because you bounce off of the air. You can do basically any thing else after it besides another Widow’s Bite. (You can do the shadow version after it though.) I am not entirely sure how useful it is, but I know it is somewhat good. I actually came across this not long after Season 3 Launched, but I did not know exactly how to trigger it. Now that I do, I posted it on the forums. What are you people’s thoughts about it?

Its a bug. Please report in the bug thread.

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