Air block and air dash

What do you guys and gals think about this?

it would make the charecters who already have their own version of air dashes less unique. i dont think its something that should be implemented. there are other things from some anime games that KI should borrow but this isnt it

I like Air Blocks and Air Dashes… but I don’t think they are needed to be standard in KI. Fits more with Japanese fighters, like Guilty Gear and Street Fighter (I know SF doesn’t have them, but I think it would fit the game none the less).

Some characters in KI have Air Dashes and as long it fits their character, I think it’s cool. With Combo Breaker/Counter Breaker, I don’t see the reason for an Air Block though.

Not a fan of air blocking. You jumped, i should be able to anti air you.


My thoughts exactly. I personally find that air blocking is one of the dividing factors of if I like a fighting game or not.

What things from anime fighters you think should be implemented?

Street Fighter Alpha 3 had air blocking, and it is my fave of the bunch. Not because of that specifically, but I did like that it was a feature. ^^

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I played games that have air block and moves you cant block in the air (anti airs)

the amazing camera angles from Guilty Gear changes…particularly in regards to the lvl 4 enders, maybe a charecter that is designed to take advantage of OTG setups. tusk is the only on that has something like that and its only an extra percent at the end of a combo

if you stop jumping all the time and learn how to space properly, which is how this game and most other games are designed, it’s a much more rewarding experience than hopping around blocking

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troll face Sadira jumps alot and still wins easy on netplay lol

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Imagine if she could also Air Block. Kinda OP. XD

Ikr! Rofl

The game isn’t designed for air blocking to work. All the risk/reward is balanced around you not being able to block in the air.

Some characters do have air dashes/air mobility, but it shouldn’t be something every character has.

You don’t need an air block - you just need to not jump so much. Try dashing in or using longer-reaching attacks or using character-specific abilitities like projectiles, armor, or teleports.