Ai VS Ai tournaments and how season 3 affects it. (Long post)

As I’m sure you are aware, KI has an AI vs AI mode. Whether you use it or not, idk, but I use it to set up tournaments, where I set the AI to ultimate, and relax.

In season 2, there is 18 fighters. In the tournament, shago and aria are removed to function as the bosses. This leaves 16 characters. There are 8 fights in the first round, 4 in the second, 2 in the third, and one in the fourth. The survivor goes to fight aria, and (if they aren’t jago or omen) shadow jago.

In season 3 there is going to be 26 characters. This complicates things, as the numbers 26-17 cannot be divided by 2 multiple times, and eventually end up with 1. Because of this, 10 characters will have to be removed from the tournament for it to work properly. Of course, at this time there is 2 unannounced characters. For the sake of this, I’m guessing 1 is a guest, and 1 is someone new.

So, if I remove the 3 guests, and the 2 I’ve already removed, we get down to 21. Removing gargos and omen gets 19. Cinder, riptor and Fulgore gets us the 16 we need.

The tournament structure is then rounds 1-4, Fulgore, riptor, cinder, aria, shago, omen and gargos.

Obviously this is ridiculous, as one character has to fight 6 characters just to get to the final boss. So the tournament can have an actual ending, with the final boss defeated, I have an idea on what should happen if everyone in the tournament is defeated. If they are beat by one of the ultratech 4. Then aria progresses, with members who aren’t K.O.'d replacing her if she is beat. If the ultratech 4 is wiped out, the guests come in to save the day. This way, the odds are in the contestants favour, as this way there is AT LEAST 4 characters against 3 (possibly 2 if jago won the tournament and beat the ultratech 4). If the guests die, omen fights gargos. If he dies, gargos fights gargos, so gargos gets beat anyway.

This however has a few variables that could ruin this plan, the unannounced fighters. If there is no more guests, I have another character that needs to go somewhere. If eyedol is one, I have a new sub-boss, and one of the ultratech 4 can go into the tournament. Although, eyedol’s inclusion means there is a spot free if there is no more guests.

I made this thread for two reasons. The first is to share it with you, so you might get some enjoyment out of it. The second is, if you can come up with any character’s accessories that make them different enough that they could almost be considered a clone character (eg: pretty much all of arbiter’s, luchadore tusk). I need an extra 7 for 32 characters in the tournament and one boss.

TLDR: I made an AI vs AI tournament that hinges on either another guest/eyedol and gargos being included. I’d like your suggestions on how I could improve the structure, and 7 drastically different accessory sets, although 5 of those could be filled with arbiter, but I’d rather not.


… It does? I didn’t know… How?

In the single player menu, in the same place as story and survival. It’s at the bottom.

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I don’t know why I didn’t know that when it’s so obvious… that’s embarassing…

It’s understandable if you play multiplayer more than singleplayer. It’s a mode I wish more games had.

While it’s nice to see that you’ve thought this through, I’m questioning why you did put so much thought into something that, at least to me, doesn’t seem all that important (no offense). In any case, at the moment, at least, I have no solutions for you - I wish you the best as you continue to figure it out.

Also, considering the fact that Shago and ARIA are technically supposed to be balanced, along with the rest of the cast, I think they should be considered actual particpants in the tournament, rather than boss characters. Although, I can understand why you may have done so for story purposes.


None taken. While it isn’t important in the slightest, it gives me something to do on the weekend before season 3.

On the topic of aria/shago being balanced, they were bosses because of the story, and because 2 characters needed to be removed to get 16, which, as I explained in the post, is necessary for the tournament structure to fit.

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This post amazes me, we’ll do it too

I have done this before with my kids. We all picked our characters and drew up a tournament board. We let the AI battle it out and the winner of the tournament won 4$ as we all had to put in 1$.

They loved it! Now with Combo assist I guess they could actually play and have a chance against each other or the AI.

Moonlight Ninja did this last year with Forum members picking their characters and accessories…it turned out pretty cool.

You can learn a bit from watching the AI and the match up if you study it close enough.

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If you’re looking for a true final boss based around accessories, I have the perfect one.

Gargos, wearing a very silly hat…
The evilest of Fezs.

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