Aggy vs raam st. Hp


What can aganos do against raams standing hp. Im labbing it up asap. But until then i jus wanted to ask. So far it looks like no specials or normals can come out fast enough or just dont reach, so I’m thinking just block until u get meter for superpunch.

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Bc the move advances forward a lil for decent reach, I’m thinking so far might be able to stop these sweep range s.hp when aganos is in the corner.


I was going through the same issue a while back and I was scratching my head for a good long while on what to do and surprisingly enough it’s actually quite easy.

I’m going to assume he’s doing it a the tip of the hitbox so one of the easier things I’ve found to do is simply backdash it if they keep doing it at that range. As bad as his backdash is, it actually works here and it forces him to get back into range of his St.HP. If he tries that, then you can use your St.HP to keep him out. Aganos’ St.HP is just as hard for RAAM to deal with as is the opposite case.

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Backdash, jump back, just create space. I know you already know this but for people that don’t know:

RAAM should never be closer than Aganos’ St.HP range. Use St.HP xx M Payload Assault to push him out. You have enough time to re-chunk and he has to deal with how huge your buttons are. It’s hell for RAAM.

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Bet. I never tried backdash. I’ll try it out tho! I was getting popped a lot in the corner while raam was jus around sweep range where my normals would get beat by his st.hp. i realize i didnt state when getting cornered my bad!

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Ty tho!

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Haha it’s all good man. In the corner it definitely is a pain! SC or S Ruin are your best friends in that situation!

Let us know if you have any success!

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It’s better to not let raam get in that range in the 1st place. It’s pretty much like dealing with over power at that point. St. Hp is plus so raam can kind of abuse it on you if he gets in that range. Backdashing will really only work if he tries to do it at max range. Which raam really has no reason to do if he gets that close.

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Bet. Preciate the insight. Thx guys!