Aganos ultimate speculation thread

So, the second ultimates pack it’s coming soon, and after, maybe in a couple of months, the monster pack will be release, and honestly, that’s the one I am most excited about because the ultimate for my favorite golem it’s in there :smile: so, I been thinking about ideas based on the ultimates we have seen so far, and one really funny idea I have after watching a video on another thread was Aganos being some kind of bully during his ultimate, like grabing the opponent with his hands and start punching twisting and throwing them around, but I feel like there’s of course more potential for him, so I would like to hear your thought, and hopefully his ultimate will be really cool :cry:
Readind ya!!!

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Trust me… u wont be disappointed! :smile:

I would like Aganos Ultimate to really brutal and convey the hurt in one would be in if they fought a giant war golem like Aganos in real life.

If anything, I just really hope the last hit of the Ultimate is the stomp that he does during his tease in the Omen reveal trailer with Ultimate popping up during the blackout!

@iDoMusic4Media Oh, man, you’re making put high expectations now :sweat_smile:
@Chameleon526 Exactly, being one of the giant characters that’s what I want his ultimate to be!!!
@RFGCAtsumachi If they are going to reuse an animation, that would be the perfect fit honestly :clap:

I’d be content with a re-enactment of ‘Puny God.’

It’s brutal.