Aganos tips

Just a few things I’ve noticed from great Aganos players that I’m finally trying to put in my gameplan. Im sure many may already know about this, but for those that dont, here we go.

  1. upflick to shadow roll

Ever since Combo Breaker in May, I saw @N1ghtSlash consistently execute this great Aganos anti-air, upflick to shadow roll in a Cinder matchup. I finally “had time cuz”, hit the practice mode, and got the timing down on both sides and of course next steps are to put it in use. We can always just hold an ex.roll in place for jump ins, but sometimes, but using the upflick first can help connect the ex.roll to more aerial characters.

  1. A note about peacemaker combos and wall crash breakability.

With the peacemaker you have your LP,MP and your MP, HP (hits overhead) 2-piece combos and your actual target combo LP, MP, HP. If you play a student of the KI game, you’ll quickly find out that 3rd hit of the target combo is breakable and it will get broken! (although you can counterbreak that too) However, aggy can do LP, MP, and throw the peacemaker x for a possible 44% unbreakable. (I’ve seen Letalis do this often, but im sure other aggys no about it as well). There’s a catch tho! Aganos wall crash’s can be broken if a wall is within 3 of aggys huge steps - it needs to be clearly outside of sweep range for you MK fatalitists out there lol. Also, in KI fashion, there’s catch to the catch you can counterbreak the wall crash hit! - but the timing is very strict. Whether try to counterbreak the wall crash or not will depend on what you read from your opponent of course, but I’d prolly just let them break and set it up properly the next time vs falsely reading the break only to get opened to a combo of their own.

All in all the unbreakable LP,MP, peacemaker throw x wall crash works only when the wall first wall your opponent goes through is at least 3 of aganos’s steps away from the edge of a stage. Oh! and if you can throw a shotgun rock in b4 the wall crash … well you can tell me how much damage that is! :wink:

Of course you gotta maneuver the beast well enough and have the right combination of rocks and meter to even set all this up but the reward is nice!

That’s all for now!