Aganos streams

Hey fellow golem’s! I’m going to try to start playing online more so I thought I’d record my matches on stream and have an archive of them here so I can scrutinize my gameplay a bit. If you guys want to watch, then feel free to and hopefully give me some advice!


Glad your streaming!

Thanks my man! I’m gonna try to stream on the weekends as that’s pretty much my only free time, but nonetheless I just want to put on a jovial and fun stream even if I’m not top tier haha.

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I have a question about your aganos play. Isn’t his shadow punch (I forget the name) projectile invulnerable? Against that Kilgore when you had a wall up, why not use it more? Or use it to catch people jumping and put them through the wall?

Yes! Shadow Ruin is indeed projectile invulnerable and I should have been using it to check that Kilgore’s pressure.

The reason I didn’t is because he was sitting on full meter which means he could easily react to the screen-freeze of Shadow Ruin at any range with his Cooldown move and instantly block/invisoport (whatever that move is called) and punish me 100% of the time with it. The reason I didn’t place walls is because I feel that in this matchup it’s more valuable to have chunks than walls because it’s extremely difficult to keep chunks against him with I believe his missiles still taking chunks on block (not 100% sure if that bug is still in) and being able to react and punish to any animation I do from anywhere on screen with his St.HP, ridding me of all my chunks AND the wall I was going to put down.

That’s what all of the Kilgore’s I’ve fought are capable of doing so I didn’t want to risk it with this guy either. This strategy is what has seen me more success.


Cool thanks for responding. I guess I don’t know the Kilgore matchup that well, and I don’t play Kilgore myself so I don’t know his whole moveseat. Keep up the stream if you can, I’d like to watch more.

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I’m glad to see this, we just can’t have enough Aganos gameplay streams! He rocks!

I haven’t streamed in a while on YouTube ill get back to it sometime next month

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