Aganos Spotlight

This thread is for anyone who wishes to share some of their greatest moments in Killer Instinct as the massive golem.

Good times! I actually managed to make a four-walls crash on a ranked match… I have the video!
One of the most satisfying moments of my Killer Instinct life!

You have video!? Where is it!? I want to see that!

Here is the link… I never linked any clip from the Xbox site, so I don’t know quite well if you can see it!

Keits from IG tweeted a link not long ago about a really good japanese Aganos player. Anyone here know who or what to search for on youtube to find him? Or do I have to go through all of Keits tweets?


I don’t know about that Japanese player, just in case you were wondering, certainly sounds interesting though.

I managed to achieve gold rank with Aganos earlier today. I have the Xbox record that footage to prove it.

For those of you who want to view the match, here it is, thanks to the fight archive facility.

I was surprised to earn this as I don’t remember getting an achievement for silver…

There are probably a lot of things I’m doing wrong, but I use Aganos as a secondary. Seems to be going quite well though, relatively speaking. Some matches I get slaughtered in, but others I lose by a smaller margin. Any tips, please feel free to let me know.

No offense Sightless, but your opponent was terrible! No self-respecting opponent would let you hit them that many times with an open natural disaster - they would wait for you to do it, bait it, and then block it for a major follow-up punish. I also noticed you threw out a lot of chunk-less payloads and only ever did the heavy version when you did have chunks, which overall, is the worst choice of the 3.

That being said, congrats on the promotion! :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I understand what you’re saying, but the trouble for me in terms of chunk projectiles is that since (to the best of my knowledge) the other two are specifically targeted for low and mid and since my opponent’s beforehand kept trying to jump, I thought it best at the time to use the heavy version to keep him away. Natural disaster such as it is seems to be the only way for me to get in and do more significant damage, although I know there will be some people who could advise me differently. Keep in mind that I only use this character as a secondary,although I have been playing him a fair amount lately.

Coupled with the fact that as you say, my opponent was terrible, it’s one of the things I’ve learnt - if something works, keep doing it and if your opponent can’t adapt, thenthat’s a thing they’ll have to work on. I’ve had similar problems before as well so I know how it feels to cope with new/frustrating strategies from an opponent.

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For starters, you’re welcome!

As for your post, here are my responses in turn (since I do main Aganos and am fairly knowledgeable regarding how to play him:

Unless you’re going for flat damage, Aganos’ medium payload assault is faster, still has knockback and knockdown, and will still hit them out of the air if timed correctly (which isn’t much of an issue since it’s so fast), so it’s almost always the better choice. Not only that, but in my experience, it gives you enough time to re-chunk upon hit, which is always a plus.

Another thing you could do, if you have plenty of chunks, is to throw out a bunch of light payload assaults, 1 after the other - it creates a train effect that can be difficult to counter, especially for someone on the move, like a jumper. You can even throw in your natural disaster in between the chunks for some crazy mix-up potential!

Instead of using natural disaster in order to get in, which is extremely easy to punish (as I mentioned before), try using his normal attacks or pulverize instead. The former gives him great reach and is always good to start combos with if you have chunks. Some are surprisingly fast too, such as his LP and LK, and even his airborne MK, which I find is great for crossing-up your opponent. The latter, unlike natural disaster, can be safe if you use the light version, and is almost always safe if you have chunks - not only that, but it’s good for catching opponents who try to jump over you.

As for your final statement - “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - well, I can’t really argue against that…

Feel free to fight me sometime! I’ve been wanting to fight you for quite a while now, just to see for myself how well you do. I’d love to give you a few pointers mid-match and show you some of the tech that Aganos has!

Thanks for the offer of a battle. I’ve added you and hopefully we can arrange a set or similar soon.

Thanks for the reply as well, those pieces of tech you provided are quite helpful as well.

P.S. I’d suggest you unquote my post as the original you quote there has a typo in it that I’ve since fixed.