Aganos - So big, so scary!

When things get going, it’s really tough for your opponent to tell what you’re going to do next! Enjoy!


SUPREME VICTORY! PERFECT! And I now understand that Aganos is, after all, built like a tank/built to be a tank-like character

… Stop it, she’s already dead!

Anything the opponent could have done or was it mostly calling the right side of the coin on every toss? (aside from missing Breakers).

Very nice to see the Ultra finish unsalted. You deserved the elbow, I suppose it was a double bow for not quitting :smile:

That Hisako player had no idea what they were doing. She could’ve countered, command grabbed, or swallowed you whole - which is about all she can do against Aganos. I’ve fought numerous ghost girls and beaten most of them handedly - with the rare few exceptions who knew how to use those 3 things and use them well.

The matchup overall, IMO, is in Aganos’ favor because he can grab her very easily and use certain attacks that won’t set off her counter - my personal favorite is d+HK at a distance (so only the shockwave hits). Also due to her slow speed and Aganos’ chunks, he can defeat most of her combos, especially if her rekka is used often. If she tries to wall-bounce, Aganos can simply roll, finger-flick her, or meaty her (with d+HP) into ruin and a potential wall-crash. Her teleport is slow too and easily punishable (and also easy to avoid if you anticipate a command grab or counter). IMO, Aganos has nearly all the answers to defeat her.

Respectfully disagree, I was of the opinion that it was in her favour as she has options which he struggles against more than most, and a lot of his options can be shut down.

Every grounded strike (aka: chunk-taking attacks) except shadow on ryo zan be cancelled into a counter on reaction to a shadow ruin so if she plays correctly he can’t use it as a reversal. She can also take a chunk and then special cancel the normal into her influence grab which is throw invulnerable, and so will beat any throw attempts he makes and will still get the grab as the opponent chose to absorb the hit rather than block it and so isn’t stuck in blockstun.

In terms of wakeup options Aganos can shadow ruin (or just use chunks) to armour through an attack, shadow pulverise to beat throws, jump to also try and beat throws, throw tech to try and beat basic throws or backdash to forfeit the game then and there (he can also shadow ND to beat projectiles but that is irrelevant in this matchup). As you can see, only two of those are directly offensive and that is the two shadow options, however one problem with both of those is that they BOTH lose to possession (the inhale move). Possession is counted as an unblockable like glacius’s shatter so beats throw invulnerable moves (but has a throw effect so beats armour moves) and so is only avoided by being strike invulnerable or airborne, and Aganos doesn’t have any strike invulnerable moves (strike invulnerable = only vulnerable to grabs, there is only one move which is actually strike invulnerable and that is spinal’s skeleport, all other strike invulnerable moves are fully invulnerable like an uppercut) except his backdash, and possession generally beats backdashes as it just pulls them in afterwards. He can guess correctly and jump out of it but then he can be catch countered on the way down or caught anyway when landing (a 50/50) or he can be meatied with a normal instead of using possession, which would be exempt from chunk protection if Aganos was in pre-jump frames from trying to avoid the possession (or any grab).

The matchup may actually be neutral given the advantages that each character has. I know Hisako cannot low counter anything Aganos has except d+hp with a peacemaker as all other attacks are either mids, overheads or projectiles, and as we can see in the video he can make life very difficult on wakeup for her (although this player should have mashed heavy influence, as styles wasn’t really getting combos off his hits and the throw was always inevitably coming, so he would have caught him eventually).

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Whoa… Aganos must get nerf! Aganos’s Fortify Chunk should change one chunk. I hate Aganos have two chunk.

I’m of the personal opinion that the MU is a solid 5-5. Both have a difficult time getting out of one another’s pressure. Once he knocks her down and chunks up, her only two options are counter (uber-punishable on whiff and useless against throws) and command grab, which is also uber punishable, and to boot Aganos’ throw range is much, much greater than hers. I’ve written my thoughts on the match more than once. I’ll link to the thread if I can find it.

Side note @CStyles45 - ran into your Aganos last week in Ranked with my Hisako. I eked it out over you 2-1, but I’d love to play a longer set with you sometime - those were really fun games. Your Aganos is no joke. :grin:

Sure man, just send me an inv next time you see me on and we can play!