Aganos players, what do yall do when Thunder gets in?

Aganos players, what do yall do when Thunder gets in?

H. E. L. P. lol

To be specific.

Am I that dang slow on the reactions? If I “just block” I take some blocked hits, and without meter, I eventually eat the command grab. His command grab comes out way quicker than Kan-Ra’s, who I feel like I can jump out of much more efficiently. You can’t jump his DP beats jumping up, forward and back.

Is this Thunder mu like Hisako?

What do you all do on good Thunders if you get knocked down?

Riptor is tough for Aganos particularly if you get knocked down as well, but Im personally seeing where I can improve on that mu. Her flame overhead used to seem incredibly fast, but I can kind of see it, now I gotta get use to the scorpion multi-hit tail in predator stance lol.


The problem against Thunder is his extremelly good options against Aganos wake up game

Against a chunkless and meterless Aganos, using meaties is good, since the lack of reversal forces Aganos to block. s. LK is extremelly good here, since its plus, and even if he is late and Aganos jumped to avoid a grab, it works as flipout and Thunder is on the road again. Also, if you default block, it could happen to get a throw, so mostly you have to guess here

Against a metered Aganos, Thunder has 3 options
1-Go for meaty, loses to shadow ruin, wins against Shadow pulverize, ties to block(back to the previous scenario)
2-Go for a throw, loses to shadow pulverize, wins to shadow ruin, ties to block(back to the previous scenario)
3-Bait something, which wins both shadow moves, and forces neutral against wake up block

It’s hard to get Thunder out. He probably will have a free ride mixing you until you get instinct or get a read/lucky on your wake up.

The goal against Thunder is making him scary to do stuff. IMO placing a wall behind him is mandatory, and you should be using a lot the peacemaker to keep him at bay. Avoid over everything else staying at CotE range.

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Thx for the reply! In the lab I see doing a back dash on wakeup you’ll take the lk but if goes for a tick throw the command grab will whiff and he’ll be open for a punish. I’ll try it in game and see wsup.

Back dashing is of extremely limited use for Aganos in all MU’s, but especially this one. Thunder’s overhead is a grounded heavy, and will chase down far better backdashes than the one Aganos possesses. It might save you every once in a while, but it isn’t something you’ll get to rely on.

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If thunder gets in its better to just block high and make good reads on command throws. He can’t open you up off a low as you’ll be able to absorb the hit and react with a throw. and going for sweeps is a risk due to Aganos low crush. Aganos actually beats the piss out of him but if thunder gets in it can get rough due to the nature of his character. All in all id take fighting thunder over hisako any time as its actually hard for thunder to get in. And on top of having to get in if Aganos decides to start pressuring him he’ll have it rough to. He can’t duck st.hp(make sure you watch this is thunder has meter however) and if he tries to charge up a crow dash you can punish with a medium rock shot or a club for a full screen conversion. (and you don’t need meter to convert off of the rock shot.)something so in short make thunder kill himself trying to get in on you. If he does just block high and be on your toes and be ready with a shadow counter any time you see thunder tripleaxe Remember. You don’t have to block everything thunder tries either. Not being able to sky fall into instinct cancel really hurts thunder.