Aganos Music Video (Unfinished Project)

So I had some extra aganos footage, and made this…abomination…lol. I also use some bits from the trailer!

My editing skills are not the best, but If you guys want I’ll finished it :wink:

…Hello? Feedback?

Dang…I’m lonely…

For what it’s worth, The musical editing is quite good. If you wanted the editing timings to be corrected, I could try and help you maybe. It’s a shame we can’t get the voiceovers from the trailers without the music/additional sfx as official assets to use in videos… Wishful thinking, I suppose. But a good effort in terms of the audio - I can’t speak for the footage itself though.

To be fair most of the leftover footage was just gameplay, So I decied just to add for the most part cinematics and trailer bits.

As for the timings and editing, My excuse is that I used to use imovie which is a much simpler editing program then what I use now: Sony Vegas

I haven’t even scratched the surface with the program… I’m still learning.

I am willing to experiment.

Thanks for the feedback :smile: