Aganos Hidden Move? (Body Slam)

Just came out of a CPU match, and after finishing up with an Ultra, I was just messing around and tried to put in a Shadow Payload Assault while the opponent was falling.

I whiffed the move, and instead Aganos just did a little forward hop and body-slammed the ground, landing flat on his back. It was so hilarious I actually laughed out loud, then went into practice mode to see if I could duplicate it, as it was the first time I’d seen it and it isn’t in the command list.

Anyone know how I managed it?

Are there actually moves that have been left out of the command list?

You mean the ultra ender? That’s medium punch + medium kick while in ultra.

Is that all it was? You can do those after the Ultra is over?

Well, I feel silly. XD Thanks for the response.


After the yellow ultra effect, you can do the ender at any time (except in the air)

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