Aganos from Keits S3 Competitive Matches (stream from Sunday 3/6/16)

v Orchid

v Tusk

v Arbiter

Enjoy! Less than 3 weeks left!

I found in these matches that the slowed down peacemaker respawn rate really hurt Aganos’s instinct mode. I think if they brought the rate up to 60 frames (which is slower than the 30 frames we have now but faster than the 90 frames in the video) than that would be a bit more fair.

The only character you play like you’re in another game. The only that you play and you can win without doing combos!

Aganos is the wrong concept among all the characters of KI

That’s the point of aganos. right? You don’t play him the same way as orchid. You don’t fight him like thunder.

You do not use him as a KI character. :wink:

That’s the point though.

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