Aganos can talk?!

While looking at some of the character intros, something really fascinating caught my ear. When Aganos enters the arena, faintly under all the rough sounds when he smashes the rock in his hand, I could have sworn I heard him say “fóvos pantoú”

The same fóvos pantoú that’s chanted in his theme (translating to Fear Everywhere). Just me on this one?

I don’t think that’s what he’s saying, as it simply doesn’t make sense.

True, in context it’d be a little weird. Just when wearing headphones a few moments ago, could have sworn I heard that being said, though in a faint tone.

The voice actor is on record somewhere on these forums stating that Aganos does in fact have some Greek voice lines. I don’t know what all that entails, but he does most certainly speak.


Now that you mentioned it, in his own trailer I always thought I heard some English in there as well.

Right when he rains boulders on TJ Combo, almost sounded as if he was yelling “kill them all!”

Then after Kan Ra reacts to seeing Aganos in his lair, it faintly sounds like he said “Its you”, which actually would’ve made sense seeing he was tasked in hunting down the sorcerer in the first palce.


It was implied that he can speak in the s2 story mode during his encounters with Maya and thunder as well.

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I was a little more surprised to find out Riptor would have voice lines, personally.

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It would be cool if the intros of characters, they talk to each other like how Mortal Kombat X does (I mainly want this, since it’s a cool feature, plus cpu vs cpu battles).

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