Aganos 3.6 buff from PD change!

It’s not a straight buff but more like it’s utility is better now! Now that PD will linger, Heavy Payload Assault will be an extremely effective tool!

St.MP xx Shadow Payload Assault > 2x Heavy Payload Assault = 38% unbreakable damage + leaves the opponent at level 4 ender by default


Got it! I agree. It’s utility is better and it’s not a straight patch buff. It’s more of a hidden buff. But either way, this is good news for Aganos players! Thanks for posting that on Twitter, btw! :smiley:

Yeah, this will be exceptionally dangerous, especially considering the 27% you get already from a standing roundhouse into a wall splat into a heavy payload assault.

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That and there’s the 2-meter combo of:

Close Stand MP xx Shadow PA > 2 x Heavy PA > Shadow Natural Disaster xx Ender of choice.

Pulverizer ender nets you 76%, Ruin ender nets you 78%

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What? I’m not getting this damage. I’m not even breaking 50% with that two bar combo. Let alone barely combo the HPA twice midscreen.

Can’t even do this combo midscreen.

Do keep in mind that this is highly impractical mid-match but could be done if you’re aware of your resources. That and if the opponent isn’t asleep, they can break the Shadow Natural Disaster so there’s then a fun little meta if you should break or not.


This always gets said about Aganos tech, and then people always bring it out in tournaments.

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Oh for sure, but this one is actually pretty reasonable to do mid-match. Honestly I think it’s better to save the 2nd bar and hit them with the

Shadow PA > 2 x Heavy PA

And then chunk up and put a wall behind them to leave the threat of lingering PD on them making them more prone to making a mistake that you can capitalize on.


Often times I’ll just shoot 2 chunks and not cash out as that’s a 48% unbreakable. So I get to armor back up and cash out later. With the pd change this will prove even more effective.