Against gargos

You can absorb a skull when gargos flys up and dives down from his portal. that gives spinal a skull. and also gargos` teleport punches kan be used to help gain a skull. that’s all ive found fighting him.


That’s really helpful. What also can work is to read Gargos’ animation frames and use that to know what’s coming.

also spinal can absorb all of his EX moves. so skull overload lol:slight_smile:

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Patience is key when you’re up against Gargos, especially if you selected Spinal. Gargos’ instinct is basically one the greatest go to specials in the game (at the cost of mobility) which is why hitting Shadow Searing Skull early is a must.

Gargos can be played in several different ways, but so far the most effective strategy for him is to summon his minions and use his portal punches to lock you out, if he can do that, it’s gonna be REALLY difficult to comeback; if you hit the minions, you give Gargos free openings (and meter as well to summon them again if needed) but if you try to ignore them and go straight against Gargos, the minions are likely to interrupt your combos, giving Gargos free combo breakers and probably more openings.

As a result, it is extremely important to use shadow curses, so you can delay or prevent him from getting those pesky demons out. Since you can power devour all the portal punches (as mentioned), not only you make his zoning game less effective , but also Spinal gets the bullets he needs to start his onslaught and prevent him from getting meter. Don’t forget that Spinal can also teleport behind Gargos to get behind his zoning and get in close safely (as long as you have skulls of course). Once you get a combo, use shadow searing skull ASAP, since his instinct is literally the only option that he has con wakeup, if you can prevent him from activating instinct, he’s gonna go down rather quickly.

Remember that currently the portal punches are broken; they have more active frames than they should, so until this gets fixed, block/power devour for more time than usual.